University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship 2024

University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship

The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship 2024 application is now open. All international students from all around the world are eligible to apply for the Graduate Canada Scholarship 2024 for full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

All University Undergraduate Scholars (UGS) must be fully qualified full-time students who are either continuing their program or applying to graduate school.

Canada’s leading university is the University of Saskatchewan. Over 3,000 international students from 130 countries attend USask.

University Of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarships

  • Country: Canada
  • University: University of Saskatchewan
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D., Doctorate, Postdoctoral, Certificate Programs
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
  • Deadline: Different Deadlines

About University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship 2024

A well-known scholarship program that the University of Saskatchewan in Canada offers is the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship.

The program seeks to attract and support excellent graduate students with strong academic and research potential. The prize is open to both domestic and international students studying in a number of disciplines and fields of study.

The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship provides recipients with financial help in order for them to continue their graduate studies and participate in cutting-edge research at the university.

The scholarship is highly competitive, and candidates are carefully selected based on their academic abilities, research accomplishments, and leadership potential.

The full financial package provided to selected candidates includes a salary, tuition remission, and research funding.

In addition to financial aid, the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship provides graduates with access to a thriving academic environment, cutting-edge research facilities, and top-tier faculty mentors.

This scholarship provides a life-changing educational experience, stimulating intellectual development and putting students in the best possible position for academic and business success.

Overall, the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship provides outstanding graduate students with the prestige and financial support they require to achieve their academic and research objectives.

About the University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is an outstanding public research institution in Saskatoon, Canada, with a reputation for academic accomplishment and innovation.

It was founded in 1907 and today offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of academic subjects such as business, engineering, agriculture, and health sciences.

The university is well-known for its excellent academics, cutting-edge research facilities, and unwavering commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

Because of its vibrant and diverse campus community, the University of Saskatchewan provides students with a welcoming and inclusive environment in which they can excel academically and personally while also making significant contributions to society.

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Scholarship Value

The University of Saskatchewan offers the following scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degrees:

University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarships:

  • Guaranteed Admission Scholarships: When you apply for admission, you will be automatically considered for a Guaranteed Admission Scholarship.
  • Entrance Scholarships for the Best and Brightest: Best and Brightest Scholarships are the highest-value renewable scholarships offered by the University of Saskatchewan, and they are granted based on academics, leadership, and contributions to school and community life. Among the best and brightest scholarships are:
  • First and Best Scholarship of President George and Marsha Ivana: 40,000 dollars ($10,000 per year for four years)
  • Chancellor Scholarships: Worth $30,000 ($7,500 per year for four years).
  • University of Saskatchewan Admission Scholarships: $ 24,000 ($ 6,000 each year for four years)
  • Undergraduate Scholarships: $ 24,000 ($ 6,000 each year for four years)
  • Scholarships for Admission to the Faculty of Agriculture and Bioresources: $ 12,000 ($ 3,000 per year for four years)

Level Of Interest

  • Undergraduate: Bachelor, Certificate
  • Graduate: (Masters, Specialized Graduate Diploma)
  • Graduate: Doctorate
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Certificate Programs
  • Scholarship Duration:
  • Undergraduate: Four Years
  • Master: 2 Years
  • Doctoral: 3 Years

Fields Of Study

  • Anthropology
  • Art & Art History
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Small Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Languages, Literature, & Cultural Studies
  • Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Linguistics & Religious Studies
  • Veterinary Pathology
  • Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Eligibility Criteria

Indigenous Graduates

  • Be a Canadian First Nations (status or non-status), Métis, or Inuit.
  • Acceptance Ph. D. registration in a Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies College Master’s or doctoral degree program
  • A minimum GPA of 75% is required.
  • Demonstrate leadership by actively participating in and/or engaging in community activities (see examples below).
  • Hold the grant for at least 36 months in a Master’s program or 60 months in a PhD program.

For International Students

  • Students at USask must be international students. This award is not open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Students must have an entry or current cumulative GPA of at least 80.00%.
  • At the time of nomination, students must have completed no more than 24 months of a doctoral graduate degree (at the University of Saskatchewan or any other school).
  • Students must be entering or enrolled in an appropriate doctoral program with a strong research component leading to the completion of a dissertation that is reviewed at the institutional level as a prerequisite for program completion.
  • Students starting or enrolled in a dual program leading to a professional degree (for example, MD/PhD, DVM/PhD, JD/PhD, MBA, PhD) as well as clinically oriented programs of study, including clinical psychology, are eligible if they feature a strong autonomous research component, as mentioned above.
  • Students must have applied for a PhD program, paid the application fee, and received an NSID before enrolling.

Required Documents

  • Proposed Research Outline (2 pages maximum)
  • Bibliography (no more than 5 pages)
  • Common CVs in Canada
  • Photocopies of official transcripts from all universities attended (unofficial transcripts from the University of Saskatchewan will be acceptable)

How do I apply for the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship 2024?

  • An online application for the Indigenous Graduate Leadership Award has been completed
  • A one-page written submission describing how you fit the eligibility requirements
  • An oral submission (maximum of 5 minutes: audio or video) describing how you fit the eligibility criteria To respect and honor Indigenous cultures’ oral traditions, the oral submission may include, but is not limited to, drumming, dancing, singing, talking, or presenting cultural artifacts.
  • Two letters of recommendation (one from the community and one from the university)
  • A one-page summary of your research and/or scholarly contributions
  • Official transcripts from all universities attended must be photocopied (unofficial transcripts from the University of Saskatchewan may be acceptable).
  • The deybwewin, taapwaywin, and tapwewin: Indigenous Truth policy will be used to verify membership in an Indigenous community.
  • A maximum of one page, no more than 8″ x 11″
  • All text must be in 12-point font. Times New Roman font (no condensed fonts are acceptable)
  • Margins must be adjusted to a maximum of one inch.
  • Reference letters should be sent confidentially to [email protected]. All written submissions must adhere to the requirements mentioned in the application package.
  • Applications that are incomplete will not be accepted or considered.
  • The oral submission must be formatted as an mp4 (video submission) or an mp3 (audio submission) and can be submitted on the application as a YouTube link.

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What exactly is the Graduate Scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan?

The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship is a scholarship program accessible to outstanding graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. It provides financial assistance for graduate studies and cutting-edge research.

Can anyone apply for the scholarship?

The eligibility conditions may vary depending on the scholarship program. In general, candidates must have a strong academic background and research potential and meet the University of Saskatchewan’s admission requirements for their selected graduate program.

Is the scholarship open to overseas students?

Yes, both domestic and international students can apply for the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship.

What subjects are covered under the scholarship?

The scholarship may be used to study any of the University of Saskatchewan’s academic programs, including those in the arts, sciences, business, engineering, medicine, agriculture, and others. Program conditions and eligibility requirements are subject to change.


The University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship 2024 is open to anyone who intends to study in Canada. This is a great opportunity to explore the world of Canada and have a better educational experience.

This article explains everything you should know about the University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship 2024. Feel free to explore the scholarship by visiting their official website.

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