Does Travel Insurance Cover Strikes

does travel insurance cover strikes

Any journey would be incomplete without travel insurance, which provides financial security against unanticipated circumstances that can cause your plans to be derailed.


On the other hand, the coverage for strikes varies based on the kind of policy you have and the particulars of the strike.

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore the nuances of does travel insurance cover strikes, giving you insight into what to anticipate and how to handle any inconveniences with ease.


Understanding Travel Insurance Coverage

does travel insurance cover strikes

Trip cancellations, disruptions, or delays caused by unanticipated occurrences are often covered by travel insurance.

While strikes are covered by this policy, the extent of coverage may vary. Most typical travel insurance policies cover airline employee strikes, such as pilots or cabin crew, which result in flight cancellations or delays.

However, coverage may be more difficult to obtain if the strike affects other businesses, such as transportation services such as trains or buses.

In addition to trip delays or cancellations, travel insurance may cover additional expenses incurred as a result of strikes.

If your vacation plans are considerably altered, these fees may include lodging, meals, and other necessary arrangements.

To determine the scope of coverage for strikes, carefully study the terms and conditions of your specific travel insurance policy.

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Strikes: Exceptions and Exclusions

While travel insurance is intended to provide a safety net for travelers, it is critical to be informed of any exceptions and restrictions.

Some policies may prohibit coverage for strikes if they were known or foreseen at the time the insurance was purchased.

This means that if a strike was already in effect or well publicized when you decided to fly, your claim may be denied.

Furthermore, certain policies may exclude strikes instigated by the passenger or strikes linked to pre-existing conditions.

To understand any limitations that may influence coverage connected to strikes, it is critical to thoroughly study the policy details or talk with your insurance provider.

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FAQ: does travel insurance cover strikes

Should I cancel my flight if a strike is imminent?

Most likely not. If you cancel your flight before the strike begins, you will most certainly lose your money. It will also make requesting a refund much more difficult.

I need to travel; should I schedule an alternate flight as soon as possible?

It’s fine to look for alternatives, but it’s best to wait until you know for certain that your original trip will not be cancelled or that you will receive a refund for the original booking before paying for an alternate flight.

What is travel disruption cover?

Part of travel insurance coverage that protects you if your trip is unexpectedly interrupted or cut short.

It can include flights, lodging, and car rental, but not all travel insurers include it as standard. If not, it is frequently available as an add-on.

What if the flight is delayed due to something else?

You may still be entitled to compensation under EU law, but your eligibility will be determined by a variety of circumstances, including whether your flight was operated by an EU airline and if it departed from an EU airport.

The length of the delay required before you are paid is determined by the distance of the flight and the places. For shorter trips, the delay can be as small as two hours.

If the airline provides coupons for food and drink at the airport, save receipts for acceptable spending (excluding alcohol and luxury hotels) and try to claim them later.

The longer the delay, the more compensation you can claim, but only if it is due to an event beyond the airline’s control, such as a technical problem with the plane. Citizens Advice has more information about airline delays and cancellations.

How long do airline strikes typically last?

Strikes can be called by a variety of parties, including airlines, traffic controllers, luggage handlers, and airport firefighters.

They can be canceled at the last minute, so keep track of the situation as your trip approaches.


Understanding the nuances of does travel insurance cover strikes is vital for any traveler seeking financial protection and peace of mind.

While policies generally cover trip cancellations or delays caused by airline strikes, it’s essential to be aware of exceptions and exclusions.

Reading the policy documents thoroughly, staying informed about potential strikes, and promptly reporting any issues to your insurance provider are crucial steps in ensuring a smooth claims process.

Travel insurance is a valuable investment that can significantly mitigate the financial impact of unforeseen events, including strikes, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travels with greater confidence.

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