Tito Ovia Net worth, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Marriage, and Social media

Tito Ovia Net worth

This article portrays full details of Tito Ovia Net worth, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Marriage, and Social media.

Tito Ovia is a Co-founder and Head of Public sector growth at Helium health, a health care technology provider headquartered in Nigeria.

She is a prominent lady, highly intellectual, intelligent, passionate, caring, protector of health, and lover of health. Without wasting further ego, let’s get into her full biography details.

Quick Bio
Full name: Tito Ovia
Born:16th March 1994
Place of birth:America
Native:Agbor, Delta State
Parents:Kay Ovia and Jim Ovia
Hobbies:Watching movies, traveling, and volunteering
Organization:Helium health
Occupation:Biochemical scientist and Entrepreneur
Net worth:Over 20 million dollars

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Biography & Early Life

Tito Ovia was born in America on 16th March 1994. She happens to be the third child out of five children from her parents. Tito is among the fortunate child, and you can say she was born with a “silver spoon in her mouth.”

She hails from Nigeria in Agbor, Delta but grew up in Lagos. But the fact remains, her family status didn’t stop her from being caring and passionate about people’s health care.

In her early days, her parents did fly them abroad for any medical checkups; healthcare was never overemphasized in her background, “what about the unfortunate ones?” that’s a concurrent question.

When Tito was 9years, she came across a by-accident. This made her dream of becoming a doctor come alive to save those victims. Unfortunately, after graduation from Cheltenham Ladies’ College, she didn’t get into medical school twice.

From a clear statement by Tito, her daddy did not support her becoming a doctor, but her dreams were beyond her father’s wish. Her mummy, being complete humanity, wasn’t a help to her dream either.

Tito applied again for medical school; she got in but didn’t get up to the grades required for a start, regardless of her hard work. It was a painful experience, but she didn’t give up.

She later got admitted into Manchester, where she studied Biomedical science. Her dreams of being a surgeon were still intact, making her apply for medical school in Manchester.

Her counselor back in the days called her on a particular day and advised her about public health. Tito always says she is very grateful for that day.

Tito made up her mind of becoming a public health practitioner instead of a surgeon. In Nigeria, Tito started her NYSC in Lagos State and served at Lagos State AIDS control agency (LSACA), technically her first job.

She worked as an assistant project manager in enabling AIDS is at its minimum across the state. Her primary work is data validation from one hospital to another, which became of very tedious experience. Nevertheless, her experience was marvelous.


Tito Ovia attended her secondary education in Cheltenham Ladies’ College, an independent school in England, United Kingdom.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical science from the University of Manchester. Tito Ovia made 3rd class honors, and this is to say no one cares about your grade but your value.

Career Life

Before co-founding helium health, Tito Ovia worked with the Lagos State AIDS control agency in Orbis in Mongolia.

Tito Ovia is a lover of health care, and she co-founded Helium health alongside Adegoke Olubusi and Dimeji Sofowora. The question remains, how was helium health founded?

Tito’s two Co-founders were originally into businesses; they happened to attend King’s college together, making them long-time friends. She hasn’t met any of them before, but get to know themselves through Lagos life; it happens Tito’s friends studied law together with them.

One of them mentioned starting up a health tech through mutual conversation from one talk to another. To Tito, she had taught about it severally but hasn’t come up with any solution.

“Well, these two guys/ men needed a health person among them since it’s about health,” taught Tito Ovia. This was when she indicated an interest in joining them.

The journey of Helium health started in 2015. Tito Ovia and two new found friends came together after a discussion of over 7 hours brought ‘helium health‘ to existence, with the mindset of pulling together different data sources in 2016.

Today, helium health has accelerated and improved African health care using data sources. They invested a lot of time, had personal contacts with their customers, and we’re dedicated at all times (readily available).

Tito Ovia, with her role as head of public sector growth, has done tremendous work. Helium health covers five countries in Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, and Kenya.

Tito Ovia, alongside her co-founders, started ‘magicfund’ in 2017, a funding agency to help upcoming entrepreneurs.

Helium health has built health care solutions helping doctors write notes, drug prescriptions and create patient profiles and encounters using its fully integrated EMR.

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One of the significant challenges of Helium health was the behavior of the hospital personnel. Hospital is a compassionate place that keeps them at the edge of avoiding mistakes that can cause life and death damage.

Awards and Recognitions 

  • Nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize for Technology 2018
  • Listed in the healthcare section of the Forbes 30 Under 30 2019


Tito Ovia’s marriage or love life is off social media. We will update this once it’s up and known in her socials.

Tito Ovia Net worth

Tito Ovia is a young entrepreneur and biomedical scientist whose enthusiasm for health made one of the most influential ladies in Africa and Nigeria. Tito Ovia Net worth is over 20 million dollars.

Social media 

Connect with Tito Ovia on social media handles;

Instagram @titoovia

Facebook – Tito Ovia

LinkedIn- Tito Ovia – head of growth – Helium health

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