Shola Akinlade Net Worth, Biography, Early Life and Wiki, Education, Career and Marriage

Shola Akinlade net worth

This article portrays full details of Shola Akinlade net worth, Biography, Early life and Wiki, Education, Career, and Marriage.

Shola Akinlade is the co-founder and CEO at Paystack, a fintech company focused on solving payment problems for businesses. He is a Nigeria software Engineer, an entrepreneur, and also an IT (Information Technology) expert.

Shola Akinlade alongside his Co-founder has solved a great fintech problem in Africa, worth celebrating. He is a music lover, a determined achiever, and has a great personality. Shola has one of the most outstanding net worth in Nigeria and Africa.

Without wasting much ego let’s dive into Shola Akinlade net worth, biography, early life, marriage, age, and career life.

Quick Bio
Full name: Shola Akinlade
Place of birth:Lagos, Nigeria
Marital status:N/A
Languages:English and Yoruba
Occupation:Entrepreneur, software Engineer, and IT expert
Net worth:Over $100 million US dollars

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Biography, Early Life, and Wiki 

Shola Akinlade was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up with his parents, attended school around Lagos before moving to Ogun state for his undergraduate school.

Shola is a friendly person with a zealous mind when it comes to working especially in his field of software development. He has worked with Heineken, Klein Devort and has also generated mobile apps for some Nigerian banks.

Currently, Shola Akinlade is at the top position of Cofounder and CEO of Paystack, which is one of his greatest investments.

He loves to always listen to music, to the point he mentioned in one of his interviews “if I leave Paystack today, I’m going to be a DJ” Waw!


Shola Akinlade started his education in Nigeria, he attended St Gregory’s College Lagos where he obtained his O’level certificate.

He proceeded for his undergraduate degree at Babcock University Ogun state Nigeria, graduating with Bachelor’s degree honors from Computer Science in 2006.

His school days in Babcock brought him blessed him with a great friend, partner, and colleague.


Shola Akinlade started his career life when he graduated from his undergraduate school. While at Babcock University, Shola meet a friend called Ezra who happened to be his classmate.

They started writing software together while in school. The taught of expanding their software writing skill brought about Paystack.

After his graduation in 2007, Shola secured a job with Heineken as a management trainee specializing in database management.

He worked with them for about 2years before getting a new work with Klein Devort in 2009 a software development and consulting company.

Shola Akinlade built software at this point called Precurio. Precurio is an open-source collaboration platform and he spent five years working and building the software.

Shola Akinlade also made mobile banking apps for some Nigerian banks. While doing all this, he got the inspiration to build an online payment system.

Shola Akinlade meet his friend Ezra Olubi and with the two strengths to work they founded Paystack in 2015.

Setting up Paystack wasn’t a child’s play, they started by reaching out to people, individually to try out their software, at this point the focus wasn’t on the income but to get it right.

They reached out to Printivo and other online vendors who were having issues receiving payments from their customers.

They built Paystack for over 1 year before getting into Y-combinator (YC). YC accepted Paystack and gave them $120k funds for growth. Later Paystack was registered in Nigeria, they currently have over 120 people on their team.

Today, Paystack is one of the leading online payment systems, acquired by Stripe for $200 million. Paystack has incurred great net worth for Shola Akinlade and his Co-founder.

Shola Akinlade also established a football club, sporting Lagos football club as part of his community project for the upcoming generations.

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Problems solved by Paystack 

Paystack has helped solve some financial problems which among them are;

  • Startups in finance
  • Making payments for merchants
  • Help people grow their business etc.


Is Shola Akinlade married? Sadly to say, Shola Akinlade keeps his personal life off social media, we can’t give the details of his marriage or family

Shola Akinlade Net Worth

Shola Akinlade a zealous entrepreneur, software Engineer, and IT expert has gained a lot from his financial bank. From the estimate of his earnings, Shola Akinlade is rated to have a net worth of over $100 million US dollars.

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