Ruth Kadiri net worth and biography. Ruth Kadiri is a well-known Nigerian actress, producer, and screenwriter. She also happens to be one of Nigeria’s most sought-after screenwriters. 

Ruth Kadiri earned her bachelor’s degree in public communication from the University of Lagos. She also earned a Business Administration degree from Lagos’ Yaba College of Technology.

“Boy’s Cot” was Ruth Kadiri’s Nollywood debut. Boy’s Cot, in which she appeared with well-known actors and actresses such as Nonso Diobi, Uche Jombo, Jim Iyke, and Mike Ezuruonye, aided her acting career.

  • Name: Ruth Kadiri Ezerika
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1988
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Mr Ezerika
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Net worth: $700,000

Ruth Kadiri Net Worth and Biography

Ruth Kadiris Net Worth

Ruth Kadiri Ezerika was born on March 24, 1988, in the city of Benin, in the same state of Edo. Ruth admitted in an interview that she was her parents’ firstborn child.

She didn’t get much fatherly attention because her father was away, residing in another nation with her mother and younger sister in Lagos State. Her father’s name is Desmond Kadiri.

Ruth started up as an ordinary Nigerian child in the slum of Ajegunle in the state of Lagos, yet her upbringing did not influence how successful she would become.

She had established her aspirations since she was a young kid by the time she was eighteen. 

Ruth Kadiri revealed in a book that at the age of eighteen, she needed to have her apartment and start working.

When her father received her written request, he made fun of her, but it was the thing that motivated her the most.

Ruth Kadiri highlighted her experiences with rejection, gender bias, and several heroic tasks during the talk.

She recalls having to manage multiple tasks and expressed gratitude for the person she has become.

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Ruth Kadiri is a University of Lagos Mass Communication alumna with a business administration certificate from Yaba College of Technology or Yabatech. As if her responsibilities weren’t already weighing her down. 

When Ruth was a student, she avoided being harassed by a female lecturer. According to her, a female instructor took an unwelcome interest in her and attempted to seduce her.

Ruth claims that the female instructor was very interested in her and kept a close eye on her at all times. 

Ruth Kadiri’s schedule and academic rank were known to the female instructor. Ruth had to go to the female lecturer’s office because she had missed an exam.

All hell broke loose the day the female instructor tried to seduce Ruth, but Ruth walked out of the office without a second thought.

Ruth Kadiri began writing in church and publishing short stories while still in high school. She wrote short stories and scripts before deciding to go to a movie audition.

Ruth Kadiri originally auditioned at Wale Adenuga Studios, a well-known Nigerian film company. 

At the Wale Adenuga Studion auditions, Ruth Kadiri met scriptwriting instructor Victor Eze. Ruth honed her screenwriting talents by penning “Wild and Dirty” as her first feature film script. She then wrote several screenplays before beginning to act in front of the camera.


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Personal Life

Ruth is Mr. Ezerika’s wife. She married Mr Ezerika in November 2018. They married in secret, adhering to all conventions. Ruth wanted to conceal even her husband’s second name from the public for undisclosed reasons to preserve his identity.

Before getting married to Ezerika, Ruth Kadiri acknowledged that she did not influence whether or not she would find a suitable partner for marriage. 

Ruth Kadiri’s engagement to an ex-boyfriend who was thought to be a fraudster moving back and forth between London and Nigeria is one of the rumours surrounding her marriage. It was revealed that her alleged boyfriend is already married with children living in London, and unexpectedly, Ruth is known to her husband’s wife.

Additionally, Ruth Kadiri briefly dated Nollywood film producer Stanley Ebonine, but their romance ended suddenly for an undisclosed cause. In addition, there were speculations that she got engaged to an unnamed man in 2017. In the video, the unnamed male can be seen playing affectionately and sensuously with Kadiri.

Ruth Kadiri was put to sleep on August 26th, 2019 despite her inability to have a male in an open relationship.

According to a lifestyle blogger who broke the news, the actress and her husband welcomed a baby boy, and both are doing well. Reign Nwachinemelu Ezerika is the name of the infant.

Charity and Lifestyle

Ruth Kadiri was spotted driving a Range Rover Sports a few years back, but there were rumours that her unnamed lover had bought the vehicle for her.

She refuted the accusation and insisted that she had fully paid for the car with her funds.

A well-known philanthropist and the creator of Ruth Kadiri Kids, Ruth Kadiri.

She established the organization to assist underprivileged kids in achieving their objectives and dreams.

She gives cash contributions and motivational speeches through her nonprofit organization. Ruth Kadiri funded the education of five First Foundation College pupils in Ajegunle, Lagos State, in 2012.

Net Worth

Ruth Kadiri net worth is $700,000, making her one of the wealthiest and most well-known actors, screenwriters, and philanthropists in Nigeria.


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