Leo Stan Ekeh Net Worth, Biography, Early Life and Wiki, Education, Career, Marriage, and Age

Leo Stan Ekeh net worth

This article portrays full details of Leo Stan Ekeh net worth: Biography, Early life and Wiki, Education, Career, Marriage, age, and his advice to young entrepreneurs. 

Chief Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh, also known as Leo Stan Ekeh, is a Nigerian businessman the CEO of Konga.com, one of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce companies.

He is a Nigerian billionaire who grew his wealth from scratch. He is also the founder and chairman of Zinox Technologies, one of the leading ICT companies in Nigeria.

Leo Stan Ekeh is a highly principled man, celebrated as a genius in Nigeria. He’s not just an influential and wealthy businessman but has impacted many lives and brought many technologies into Nigeria.

His business strategy made him rich with a high net worth recognized. Without wasting much ego, let’s dive into his net worth, biography, early life, marriage, age, and career life.

Quick Bio
Full name: Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh
Nickname:Leo Stan Ekeh
Born:22nd February 1956
Place of birth:Nigeria
Native/tribe:Ubomiri mbaitolu, Imo state /Igbo tribe
Parent:Ihentuge Ekeh
Marital status:Married to Chioma Ekeh
Languages:English, Igbo
Occupation:Businessman and Entrepreneur
Organization:Konga.com, and Zinox technologies
Net worth:Over 1 billion dollars

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Biography, Early Life, and Wiki 

Leo Stan Ekeh was born in the eastern part of Nigeria on 22nd February 1956. He hails natively from Ubomiri mbaitolu, Imo state, Nigeria.

He grew up in a Middle-class family, having two sisters and three brothers, his mother is a dietitian while his father is a nurse.

Leo Stan Ekeh came from that part of Nigeria with a lot of businessmen, his passion was to change the country and, in extension, the continent using a structured business.

One of his early dreams was to own the most significant transport company in Nigeria. With his passion and strategy towards business, Leostan Ekeh brought numerous technologies to Nigeria, in order words, increasing his net worth.


Chief Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh started his education in Nigeria. He attended Holy Ghost College, Owerri, securing his O’level certificate. After which, his parents sent him to India to further his education.  

Leo Stan Ekeh graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree (B.sc) in Economics from Punjab University Pakistan. He went further to earn a Master’s of Science degree in Risk management from the University of Nottingham United Kingdom.


Chief Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh started his business strategy right from Childhood as he has so much passion for business. Before returning to the United Kingdom, he brought Apple company to Nigeria for the first time.

Leo Stan started with Community newspapers, but there was a lack of technology for its smooth running. At this time, Dele Giwa, the famous Nigerian Journalists, was his mentor.

Leo Stan introduced a digital technology to publish in softcopy, automating all the book and newspaper publishing companies in Nigeria. This was his starting point.

He took on the Hps and Apple company, but Apple seems to be rising in Nigeria oil companies. Leo Stan entered the oil companies. He designed ICT infrastructure for the oil companies to control the engineers in Shell and Chevron, the two biggest oil companies in Nigeria.

Leostan decided to get a Nigerian brand called Zinox technologies, an ICT company that provides ICT products and solution sources.

Upon launching Zinox technologies in 2001, Hp, Microsoft, Lenovo, all Newspaper companies, Nigerian militaries, and whole lots of people were in attendant; in general, the hotel used for the launching was shut down.

Leo Stan Ekeh brought the biometrics used in running elections first in Nigeria and designed the card reader to reduce litigation.

Those he administered when he did election in 2004 and 2010. He also brought the dispensing pump used in the Fuel station in Nigeria for the first time.

Leo Stan Ekeh owns the biggest information distribution company, the most significant ICT assembling company, and is connected to the Internet. He also created solar and inverters used in Nigeria.

In February 2018, chief Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh acquired Konga from its owner, having over 99% of the companies shares.

Konga owns the most prominent logistics in terms of delivering all over Nigeria. He is currently the CEO of Konga.com, one of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce companies.

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Advice to Young Entrepreneurs 

Leo Stan Ekeh, through his life and career struggle, wish to advise and encourage the young and upcoming entrepreneurs with the following words;

  • Knowledge is your right to fight for it
  • Entrepreneurs are positive-minded, so focus
  • It would be best if you had a spiritual involvement in your area of expertise. If you believe in God, then involve him.


Chief Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh, also known as Leo Stan Ekeh, got married to his spouse Chioma Ekeh in 1986. His marriage is blessed with five children.

Leo Stan Ekeh Net Worth

Chief Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh is a Nigerian businessman, the founder and CEO of Zinox technologies, and chairman and CEO of Konga.

He has made so many investments and brought so many technologies to Nigeria. From the estimate of his earnings and achievements, Leostan Ekeh is rated to have a net worth of over $1 billion US dollars.

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