Jenni Rivera Net Worth

Jenni Rivera Net worth

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Who Is Jenni Rivera

Dollars Janney Rivera Saavedra, popularly known by her stage name, Jenni Rivera, was an American singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and entrepreneur known for her Mexican musical of Banda Mariachi and Norteno.

While she was alive, he held a successful career and has been labeled the most influential female figure in Regional Mexican music by top media outlets like CNN, Billboard, Fox News, and The New York Times.

Jenni excelled as a vocalist and was ranked as the top Latin artist in 2013 and the best-selling Latin artist again in 2013 by Billboard Magazine.

From 1992 till her death in 2012, she led a successful music career and has been nominated and awarded different awards.

Biography & Early Life

Dolores Janny Rivera was born on July 2, 1969, in Long Beach, California, the U.S.A. to Jose Trinidad Marin and Juan Lopez. In Long Beach, California, she was raised alongside her sister in a musical household.

Her family introduced her family to traditional Mexican music, genres such as Banda, Nortel, and Ranchera. Jenni was quite an academic student and, as such, performed excellently in school until she got pregnant at the age of 15.

She had to support her family financially, so she sold CDs at flea markets while working towards her GED at a continuation school. She received encouragement from her family and was persistent in graduating despite her pregnancy in high school.

She graduated as her class valedictorian. After graduation, she proceeded to college and enrolled at Long Beach City College, where she graduated with a degree in business administration.

Upon graduating from college, Jenni worked in Real estate and later joined her father’s record label Cintas Acuario.


Jenni’s music career could be traced back to when she made a recording for her father on Father’s Day back in 1992.

After her first record, she made more recordings and gradually started pursuing her career as a singer. She was later signed to Capitol/EMI’s Latin division, and in 1992, she released her first album titled “Somos Rivera”.

Jenni was into a musical genre called the regional Mexican genre, and at the point, she started her musical career, men dominated this genre, and as such, people told her that she wouldn’t be able to make it.

According to an interview in 2011, Jenni mentioned that it was difficult for her to get recognition for her music, and she had to deal with several means produced.

Nevertheless, Jenni was able to record more songs and was able to release two albums such as “La Maestro”, “Poco Poco”, ‘Por Un Amor”, La Chacalosa, etc. independently. She was signed to Balba Records, Sony Music, and Fonovisa Record in later years.

In 1999she released her first commercial album with Fonovisa labels titled “Que Me Entierren Con la Banda”, in which she featured a local hit “, Las Malandras” this release fetched her more recognition and gained her popularity as Jenni Rivera.

Jenni Rivera had more releases from 2001 to 2010, as she became the firstborn American to be nominated for Best Banda music in 2001, and in 2004, her release titled Simplemente…La Mejor hit the music chart in the United States.

In 2005 her release “Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida” ranked no. 10 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. She died in December 2012 and, as such, hasn’t performed or made any releases since then.

Jenni won several awards during her music career till 2012. She sold over 15 million albums and, even after her date, received acknowledgment and recognition for her success in the regional music genre and the Latin music community.

Jenni was also an actress, and she made her film debut on April 19, 2013, as she played the role of a drug-addicted mother in prison in the film ‘Filly Brown’. The movie was, however, released in 2013 after her death.

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Personal Life

Jenni’s birthday is on July 2, and she was 42 at the time when she died. She got pregnant at the age of 15 when she gave birth to her daughter, Janney Marin Rivera.

She later got married in 1984 and had two more kids, Micheal and Jacqueline. She was asexually and physically abused and assaulted by her husband Marina a number of times. It was also confirmed after a medical examination that her husband abused her daughter Janny.

Jenni later divorced her husband in 1992 and went ahead to press charges against him. Marin lived as a fugitive on the run for nine years until he was finally apprehended and sentenced to 31 years imprisonment.

During her career, Jenni suffered a lot of controversies, one of which was arrested for allegedly hitting a fan and then was reported by New York Daily News to have as a performer for drug cartel parties in 2009.

Jenni Rivera died on December 9, 2012, in a plane crash near Monterrey, Mexico, where she was to perform at Monterrey the previous evening.

An investigation was carried out regarding the cause of the crash, but no definite conclusion was met. She died along with four other passengers and crew members. She was buried on December 31, 2012, at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California.

Jenni Rivera Net Worth

Jenni bagged an estimated net worth of over $25 million. She earned majorly from her music career, as she sold over 15 million albums.

She also earned from endorsements and sponsorships. As an entrepreneur, she earned from other business investments and was known to be a philanthropist.


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