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Jason Njoku net worth

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Jason Njoku is a Nigerian businessman, the CEO, and Founder of IrokoTv, a web platform that provides paid-for Nigerian movies on demand. Go through to discover Jason Njoku net worth, biography, and career.

Quick Bio
Full name: Jason Chukwuma Njoku
Born:11th December 1980
Place of birth:Deptford, London United Kingdom
Native:Mbaise, Imo State in Nigeria
Nationality:British, Nigeria
Marital status:Married to Mary Remmy Njoku
Net worth:Over 40 million dollar

Biography, Early Life, and Wiki 

Jason Njoku was born on 11th December 1980 in Deptford, South East London.

He was raised alongside his four siblings by his mother in London while working full-time at the National health service.

Jason Njoku is originally a native of the Eastern part of Nigeria, Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria.

When Jason Njoku was about 12years, he returned to his hometown in Nigeria and spent 3years before moving back to London to complete his academic A’level.

Jason Njoku is his mother’s first child and his family’s first graduate. Thanks to God, he achieved greatness after failing, with an estimated net worth recognized in Nigeria.


Jason Njoku started his education in London, had his primary and A’level in London. He bagged his bachelor of science (2nd class upper) in Chemistry from Manchester, United Kingdom.


Jason Njoku started his career pursuit just after graduating from the University of Manchester in 2005. He launched a student publication magazine called “Brash Magazine,” which lasted for the duration of 3years before its closure in 2008.

He engaged with so many other enterprises, including a blog network, T-shirt business, and a web design company. He failed in all these enterprises; at this time, he felt he was born to fail.

Then Jason relocated back to his mother’s house in London, where he inspired setting up an online Nollywood distribution network. He started noting down countries and the Nollywood distribution network, and he found out that Africa lacks in that aspect.

This was when his zeal grew once again. He flew back to Nigeria and partnered with his best friend Bastian Gotter, who financially assisted in his Nollywood ventures.

He started growing the platform, securing an online license working from home. Then, he struck a deal to become an official channel partner for the Nollywood company with YouTube in Germany.

Jason Njoku launched a YouTube channel named NollywoodLove in 2010. With help and promotion on Tech crunch by Sarah Lacy, NollywoodLove was recognized.

At this time, NollywoodLove caught the attention of Tiger global, an us-based venture capital fund, who invested with Jason.

From the financial investment made by Tiger global in 2010, Jason Njoku launched irokotv on 1st December 2011.

The success of IrokoTv lies with Jason Njoku alongside his partner, and they raised extra funds from several investment platforms and international VCs.

They built a film catalog of 5,000 movies, opened offices in Lagos, New York, and London. This was how he initiated the success story of IrokoTv.

Jason also started a journey of investing and expanding emerging companies alongside Bastian Gotter and Mary Remmy Njoku in 2013.

This platform he called Spark investment they have invested in over 11 startup companies. In 2015, Jason Njoku built an Android mobile app on which he decided to focus the company’s attention on rather than a streaming platform.

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Awards and Recognitions 

  • Forbes Africa cited him in 2012 as one of the Ten Young African Millionaires.
  • Young Leader of the Year for West Africa named on CNBC All Africa Business Awards on 29th August 2013
  • He is named one of Fast Company’s Top 1000 Most Creative People in Business.


Jason Njoku was married to a Nigeria Nollywood star, an actress, and producer Mary Remmy Njoku in 2012.

He is blessed with Jason Obinna Njoku, born on 30th July 2013, Nwakaego Annabel Njoku, born on 24th August 2015; and Nnenna Amber Njoku, born on 4th August 2017. Quite a blissful family.

Jason Njoku Net worth

Jason Njoku is a great British-Nigeria Entrepreneur and businessman who had failed and passed in his business line. He is currently the founder and CEO of IrokoTv, a web platform that provides paid-for Nigerian movies on demand.

From my research and Estimates, Jason Njoku net worth is estimated to be over 40 million US dollars.

Social media 

Connect with Jason Njoku through

Instagram – Jason Njoku

Twitter @JasonNjoku

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