Iyin Aboyeji Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Wife, Wiki, Career, Life Lessons, and Lot More

Iyin Aboyeji Net worth

This article portrays Iyin Aboyeji Net worth Biography, Early Life, Wiki, Education, Career, Life Lessons, Marriage, Social media, Awards, and Recognitions.

Iyin Aboyeji is the founder of future Africa, which provides support for innovators and startups.

He is a Co-founder at Andela and former managing director of Flutterwave, one of the biggest tech platforms that add significant value to the ecosystem.

Iyin Aboyeji is a great entrepreneur and changemaker who loves to inspire and is very optimistic about working for a better future. Iyin is passionate about startups, partnering with missionary talents and capital to build Future Africa.

The values he added to the ecosystem has made him one of the influential tech entrepreneur recognized for their high net worth.

Let’s dive into Iyin Aboyeji net worth biography details, early life, marriage, and lots more without wasting much ego.

Quick Bio
Full Name:Iyin Aboyeji
Date Of Birth:28 March 1991
Place Of Birth:Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Occupation:Tech Enterpreneur
Net Worth: Over 5 Million US Dollars

Biography, Early Life, and Wiki

Iyin Aboyeji was born in Yaba, Lagos, on 28 March 1991 and grew up with their lifestyle. Growing up, he faced challenges due to his father’s inability to secure a job after university.

He then moved to stay with his maternal grandmother and did menial jobs and hawking for survival before going back to his parents, now based in Warri Delta State, Nigeria.

He spent a bit of his childhood in Warri attended boarding school in Abuja. Iyin Aboyeji has always had a strange ambition from childhood, trying lots of things to solve the metrics.

He started in a rough edge making circles with great minds in school. Today, Iyin Aboyeji has made many proud achievements that added money to pocket, increased his net worth, and added great value to the ecosystem.


Iyin Aboyeji started his education in Nigeria, and he attended his primary school in Lagos and Warri. He grabbed his O’level certificate from Loyola Jesuit College Abuja in 2007

Iyin Aboyeji moved to the United States after his secondary school to complete his education, after which he attended Colombia International college before moving to the University of Waterloo.

He bagged his bachelor’s degree in legal studies in the year 2012.


Iyin Aboyeji started his career pursuit while in the university of Waterloo alongside his best friend and seven other Co-founders. The first company didn’t work out well, and then his second became downloading past questions and uploading for students’ benefit.

This eventually generated traffic, and they started charging money for its access. This got him into a big problem because no permission was granted then.

Instead of creating more problems for himself, he gave out the platform to the professor and got back to Nigeria, then, he’s already done with his degree.

He first moved to Abuja to settle, but no opportunity was forthcoming. He then moved to Warri, where his parents were based. Well, it wasn’t easy for Iyin at this point.

The fact is that he doesn’t want to work with the oil and gas, the only opportunity given to him by his parents. At a point, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji decided to move to Lagos with his last 40 thousand naira to start another pursuit or startup.

He started targeting MBS applications its paperwork and sells online courses to make ends meet. This went successfully but to some point.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji co-founded Andela in 2014, Africa’s most prominent engineering organization with over 1000 software Engineers, and it grew and expanded across the African continent.

He did their marketing in churches, mosques, handbills, and others he termed the best marketing method. Iyin Aboyeji was the co-founder and director of recruitment at Andela before leaving in May 2016.

His reason for leaving is his inexperience in business management. To learn this business management, he joined Flutterwave in 2016. Flutterwave became his business school.

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Iyinoluwa Aboyeji was the co-founder, and managing director at Flutterwave, a Nigerian fintech focused on providing payment solutions for large and small scale businesses.

He left Flutterwave in 2018 because he found it very difficult to combine it with his early family due to much traveling.

He joined Madame Oby Ezekwesili, former vice president of World Bank, in running her presidential campaign, he was the deputy director General at the point.

In November 2018, Iyin Aboyeji became a founding partner of street capital, helping founders, philanthropists and investors understand the impact of the technology business.

He was also the board member/ chair finance and strategy Committee at Rainbow educational services limited from 2018 to the present.

Iyin Aboyeji is also the founder and chairman at Talent city Inc from October 2019 till date, also a member of the board of Governors, Loyola Jesuit college from February 2020 till present.

He is also a non-executive director at Learn Africa, Nigeria’s leading learning resource business with a rich history spanning over 50 years. The founder and executive chairman at Partcloud and the co-founder and investor at Moove Africa.

Currently, Iyin Aboyeji is the founder and General Partner at Future Africa, an organisation that provides support for innovators and startups.

With all these achievements, Iyin Aboyeji has a very high net worth to sustain himself and his family. What a great value he added to the tech ecosystem!!

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Life Lessons

According to Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, the lessons he learned through his struggle in the tech world includes;

  • The mission is very powerful, and it defines why you started
  • Understand leveraging mission
  • Learn how to use code signs appropriately
  • Understand how to get the right kind of talent to push startup
  • Educating people who should know about something but didn’t require so many skills

Awards and Recognitions

  • World Economic Forum Young global leader (Dangote fellow) 2018
  • Forbes 30 under 30 honor 2018
  • A member of Nigeria’s industrial policy and competitiveness advisory Council.
  • The John C. Holland award for youth leadership 2010
  • Nominated for the future awards Africa Nigeria prize for young persons 2017


Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, the founder of Future Africa, is married to his wife Whittmey with a kid.

Iyin Aboyeji Net Worth

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji has made so many records in the tech ecosystem. His struggle from Andela to Flutterwave and then to future Africa is exceptional moves that yield great value and profit.

From the records of his earnings, Iyin Aboyeji’s net worth is over 5 million US dollars.

Social media

Instagram – Aboyeji E Iyinoluwa @iaboyeji

Twitter – iyin.eth @iaboyeji

LinkedIn – Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Website – iyinoluwa.org

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