Isaiah Saldivar net worth has increased as a result of his church attendance because he has mastered the art of multiplying his income from both the church and other sources. To make a nice living, he has increased it. The revivalist might be worth at least $2 million.

Additionally, he earns money via YouTube promotions and commercials. On his YouTube channel, which has 594k subscribers and approximately 1 million video views, Isaiah Saldivar posts sermons.

  • Full Name: Isaiah Saldivar
  • Wife: Alyssa Saldivar
  • Occupation: Christian Youtuber, Evangelist
  • Net Worth: $2 million

Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth and Biography

Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth

Isaiah was conceived on March 12, 1988. Lys Saldivar is his wife. They exchanged vows on September 15, 2012. Four children were a blessing for the couple.

Saldivar admitted that as he prayed, the Lord revealed to him the name of his wife, who was ostensibly seated in the back seat. A wonderful family is Isaiah’s family.

In a family of three—two boys and a girl—Isaiah is the second child. His parents instilled in him a Christian way of life.

He was unaware of the significance of having a relationship with God, though. Instead, he was preoccupied with obtaining worldly wealth to satisfy his own desires.

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Recognizing the requirement for direction is another. Saldivar sought advice from his uncle Ben Lucero (Nino), one of the few family members interested in ministry, after being delivered.

Saldivar was given the tools and encouragement he needed to follow his calling to his uncle. Saldivar started setting up prayer gatherings with the help of his uncle after having a clear vision of people praying at his home.

People began to assemble as they prayed and sought God’s face, attracted by the signs, wonders, and miracles that were taking place.

Additionally, what started as a small prayer meeting at Saldivar’s house in Manteca, California, quickly expanded into a worldwide revival known as “The Awakening 209.”

This movement captured hundreds of people’s attention from 2011 to 2019 and drew in regular people seeking an uncommon touch from God. The audience increased week after week, bearing witness to the irrefutable strength and truth appearing in their midst.

Saldivar’s ministry additionally went beyond actual gatherings. Over 600 churches, conferences, and events have heard him preach renewal and repentance. Saldivar has expanded his appeal by using social media to its full potential, reaching an incredible 7-9 million people each week.

His internationally renowned podcast, “Revival Lifestyle,” is in the top 1%, and his YouTube channel has 734,000 devoted followers.

Isaiah Saldivar Testimony

He eventually began drinking and attending gatherings. Because it had never occurred to Isaiah how God could exist, he rejected the idea of God’s existence. He believed that access to women and material possessions would make him happy.

Instead, he felt more emptiness and resentment as a result of everything. Saldivar’s younger sister persisted repeatedly till she persuaded him to go to their church.

Saldivar initially berated ladies who offered praise and worship at the altar. A short while later, the preacher’s message finally hit him. Saldivar was convinced of his foolishness, and he was also convinced of his sin, righteousness, and judgment.

He encountered God for the first time in his life. God spoke to his heart and instructed him to get ready to be utilized in order to disseminate the gospel around the world and in the United States.

Saldivar began praying for people and exorcising demons a few weeks after his meeting with God.

He decided to create a church because of the internal revival that was taking place. He started a church in the following few months and dedicated himself to its success. There are now 400–500 attendees each week at the church.

Saldivar said in his testimony that the devil made several attempts to kill him before he was saved. Saldivar made multiple suicide attempts during his life. At one point, he was involved in an accident, and at another, he considered jumping from a building.

He acknowledged that each of the devil’s schemes was designed to prevent him from starting God’s job.

Personal Life

Isaiah Saldivar and his devoted wife Alyssa have been together for more than ten years. They have found strength and comfort in their steadfast relationship and shared dedication to their faith. Justice, Journey, Harvest, and Nova are the names of their four lovely girls, who were born to them together.

Saldivar’s affection for his family is a living example of his principles of harmony, love, and the significance of establishing a strong foundation based on faith.

Isaiah Saldivar’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth was about $2 million. He has amassed this huge sum through a variety of ventures, including his popular YouTube channel.

Despite Isaiah Saldivar’s ministry’s undeniable success and wide-ranging influence, his priority is still the preaching of the gospel of revival, not material success.

As a result, specific information on his net worth is not made available to the public. Saldivar’s commitment to serving God and making a difference in people’s lives is an example of his unselfish search for a higher goal.

Social Media

Instagram: @isaiahsaldivar


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