Etop Ikpe Net worth: Biography, Early life and wiki, Education, Career, Marriage

Etop Ikpe Net worth

This article portrays detailed information of Etop Ikpe Net Worth: Biography, Early life and wiki, Education, Career, Marriage and Net worth.

Etop Ikpe is an intelligent entrepreneur, co-founder, and former CEO at Cars45, now CEO and Co-founder at Autocheck. He is a brave and influential man. A know serial tech who has built five technology businesses in 15 years.

He was known right from his days as Co-MD at Dealday, CEO at Cars45, and now the CEO at Autocheck. Let’s dive into his full biography.

Etop Ikpe Net worth

Etop Ikpe: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name:Etop Ikpe
Place of Birth:Akwa Ibom
Wife • Spouse:N/A
HobbiesReading biography, watching sports program
OrganizationClick mobile, tinker and bell media, cars45, Autocheck
OccupationActuarial scientist, serial technologist, and Entrepreneur
Net Worthover 16 million dollars

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Biography, Early life, wiki

Etop Ikpe was born in Akwa Ibom state and raised in Lagos. He is an intelligent, reserved person who grew up with some edge in mathematics.

From his background in mathematics, he taught of studying engineering in school, but as fate may have it, Etop studied actuarial science, a combination of mathematics and business.

Etop is a great entrepreneur with a great sense of humor. His zeal for success and creating employment solutions made him build five tech businesses under 15 years. Etop Ikpe is currently the CEO of Autocheck.

He attended several students summit to encourage the young on entrepreneurship. He once said, “online is a very competitive environment with a lot of intelligence. To succeed, you must be intelligent”.


Etop Ikpe started his academic journey in Lagos. Etop Ikpe obtained his bachelor’s degree in Actuarial science from the University of Lagos and graduated in 2004.


Etop Ikpe is a tech lover and Entrepreneur who has always been involved in innovations and successful ventures. He founded Clickmobile, a mobile, and IT solution company, while at the University of Lagos alongside a software guy in 2006. Etop, alongside his co-founder, was able to figure out people’s problems and how to solve the problems using tech. This helped Etop in the long term.

Etop Ikpe

In 2008, Etop Ikpe launched tinker and bell media, specializing in television production. He launched tinker and bell media due to the growing need for animation programming with high-quality sporting programs and documentaries.

It became a success with the help of his friends who already had access to animation studios. He found a friend who runs fashion stitches offline along the line, tagging him in an advisory role.

At this point, Etop Ikpe invested in social media marketing and selling online. By building social media pages and websites for shopping, 3stitches was launched. 3stitches was later acquired by Dealday, Nigeria’s largest online discount store.

Setting up 3stitches was not easy as e-commerce was relatively new. When he started commerce in 2007, he got several words of discouragement from friends and family, but he was consistent.

In two years of existence, he made about $350k a year, a massive success. Etop Ikpe used the funds from 3stitches to support his production business.

After a year, Etop Ikpe joined Dealday and became the Co-MD. From Dealday to Konga, where he got the insight of establishing cars45. The models used in South East Asia and India seemed interesting, which he planned to adopt into Africa.

Cars45 was technically the first company he started from scratch. Cars45 helped solve the problem of actual car price and independently verify the condition of the car you are purchasing. He honestly solved a big problem using Cars45.

Funny enough, Etop Ikpe didn’t continue with the Cars45. Instead, He launched another company called Autocheck which he currently runs as the CEO.

Autocheck is an automotive technology development company that builds solutions to enable and enhance commerce within the automotive sector.

It wasn’t an easy journey for Etop Ikpe, but he maintained the consistency to reach the standard of success.

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Etop Ikpe is a married man with a kid. He’s a responsible man who doesn’t joke with his family. His family is a top priority to him.

Net worth

Etop Ikpe, seasoned Entrepreneur and the CEO of Autocheck, Africa’s first 360 degrees automotive marketplace, has a net worth of over $16 million.

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