‘Emma told me he was single, stop attacking me’ – Lady caught with BBNaija’s Emmanuel in a room speaks up

‘Emma told me he was single, stop attacking me’ – Lady caught with BBNaija’s Emmanuel in a room speaks up
  • BBNaija star Liquorose has just been caught in a room with her then lover Emmanuel who is a Ugandan, and bears the name Natukunda Precious, who’s also based in Dubai.

‘Emma told me he was single, stop attacking me’ – Lady caught with BBNaija’s Emmanuel in a room speaks up

The facemask lady accosted by Liquorose in a room in Dubai, November 2021, with BBNaija star Emmanuel has come out to debunk that at the time she and Emmanuel met in Dubai, he told her that he’s single.

In a picture uploaded on Saturday, June 11, on her Instagram account, she clarifies that she and ex-Shine Ya Eye star Emmanuel are merely friends who met in Dubai last year, when the experience occurred.

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She proceeded, identifying herself as a Ugandan woman called Natukunda Precious with the Instagram handle @shawtyprecious, saying she had no idea Emmanuel was dating Liquorose and that Emmanuel informed her he was single when they met.

People should stop assaulting Miss Precious and leave her out of the controversy since she has a boyfriend, she says. She also instructed her assailants to go after Emmanuel since she had no desire for any of this.

“Disclaimer!!!!” wrote Miss Natukunda. Emma and I are only acquaintances. Last year, he met me in Dubia, where all of this transpired. I had no idea he was dating anybody. He informed me that he was single. You people need to stop assaulting me and keep me out of this because I have a boyfriend. You should go after Emma because I never wanted any of this.”

Recall that Precious was last seen in public a few hours earlier, when Liquorose made a bombshell revelation on how she walked into Emmanuel and the woman in a room in Dubai at the Reunion event on Friday night, June 10.

While retelling the events, Liquorose said that she, Emmanuel, and a few other former Shine Ya Eye performers headed to Dubai in November 2021 for Pepsi’s annual One Africa Music Fest.

Liquorose claimed that she slept in the same room with Emmanuel the entire time she was in Dubai, and on the one night she didn’t, Emmanuel decided to bring in the lady, who was seen sitting on the bed with a facemask on, as Liquorose gained entry into the room after knocking on the door for 15 minutes.

The 1st runner-up on the Shine Ya Eye program stated that he didn’t feel any guilt as she stormed out of the room furiously, leaving Emmanuel and the woman, and that he didn’t come to beg her.

They eventually promised not to tell anybody about the incident, including their EmmaRose shippers fans. Liquorose didn’t aware Emmanuel had shared the secret until she heard it from Saskay, which is why she felt compelled to speak out about the event at the Shine Ya Eye Reunion.

Emmanuel and Liquorose have stated that they are no longer together, and that they are unlikely to become friends again.


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