Edmund Olotu Net Worth, Biography, Early Life and Wiki, Education, Career and Lot More

Edmund Olotu Net worth

This article portrays full details of Edmund Olotu Net worth, Biography, Early Life, and Wiki, Education, Career, Marriage, Social media, Awards, and Recognitions.

Edmund Olotu is the Chief innovation officer (CIO) at Bloc, formally called Tech Advance, a payment application company with a strategic focus on developing niche payment companies. 

Edmund Olotu is a technology development expert whose focus is on funding innovation concepts that aid in social development and developing technologies. 

He’s a highly influential man, very strategic, enthusiastic, innovative, and has a great sense of humour for technology. Let’s dive into his net worth, biography, early life, etc.

Full Name:Edmund Olotu
Place of birth:Nigeria
Marital status:Married
Net worth:Over $2.5 million

Biography, Early Life, and Wiki 

Edmund Olotu was born in early 1981 in Nigeria and grew up with his parents. He started his early education in Nigeria before moving to the United States to further his studies.

He is ultimately endowed with a great sense of humour, grabbing nearby knowledge. Well, with a good background, it was easy for him. He is a great entrepreneur having expertise in technology development. With his recent recorded net worth, he is rated among the most influential men in the technology field.


Edmund Olotu started his education career in Nigeria, obtaining his O’level in Nigeria. After his secondary education, he flew to the United States to further his education.

Then he bagged his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng) from The University of Manchester from 2000 to 2003.

He proceeded to study his master’s, obtaining his master’s degree (M.Sc) with distinction in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham, from 2003 to 2005.

Edmund Olotu also bagged MA management, finance, and control from Harvard University from 2006 to 2008. Currently, he is an innovation expert with a great sense of strategy.


Edmund Olotu started his career life at an early age. While running his research project at Harvard University, he started a company to discover a new Antiviral drug for HIV class, which passed animal tests alongside his classmate. 

In 2006, Edmund Olotu co-founded Molecmo NanoBiotechnologies (now known as Novira Therapeutics) with his friend from Pakistan named Ali Munawar, headquartered in the USA.

He preceded his position, Edmund carried along, experiencing his best and worst days. He raised over twenty-nine million US dollars before leaving the company and United States to Nigeria.

Getting to Nigeria wasn’t too hard for him as he got a job offer from HiTV media limited just as soon as he arrived.

He worked as the General manager for the international business strategy and special projects before his resignation after about two years.

He left HiTV media limited in early 2011 to focus on his young business named Tech Advance, which he founded in 2010.

Tech Advance was founded to advance technology businesses in Nigeria and, more importantly, help and coach new entrepreneurs within Nigeria.

In January 2011, Edmund Olotu launched G-pay instant payment limited, a utility infrastructure and front-end payment processing company that utilizes scratch card, POS, online/mobile, and cash postpaid/prepaid payment processing for Electricity Distribution companies in Nigeria, covering 15 States. 

In April 2013, Edmund Olotu co-founded Supergeeks services and solutions while still working at Tech Advance. He also worked for Generate4schools/Causemetrix LLC as its funding investor.

Currently, Edmund Olotu is the Founder and Chief innovation officer at Bloc, formally Tech Advance, a payment application company with a strategic focus on developing niche payment companies.

Awards and Recognitions 

In 2019, 100 companies to inspire Africa by London stock exchange group

Finalist Cornell Business plan competition

Finalist rice business plan competition

Finalist Harvard business school business plan competition

Recipient NIH Grant


Edmund Olotu is an influential man and a responsible man who has a family to cater to. He is happily married with kids.

Edmund Olotu Net Worth

Edmund Olotu is a technology development expert whose focus is on funding innovation concepts that aid in social development and developing technologies.

From the records of his earnings, Edmund Olotu net worth is estimated to be over 2.5 million US dollars.

Social media 

Instagram: Edmund Olotu @pyjama_ceo

Twitter @Edmund olotu of the small bag

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