Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan Net worth

This article potrays full information of Danny Duncan Net worth, biography, early life, career, salary, height, social media and body height.

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What is Danny Duncan Net worth?

Danny Duncan reportedly has a net worth of $7.5 million, which he earns through his YouTube channel and clothing collection. Also, he sells products, like hoodies and T-shirts that earn him significant money.

The website Naibuzz estimates that Danny Duncan earns $9,600 a day from ads on his YouTube channels.

Who is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan is one of those who have become famous and rich via YouTube. For Duncan, his money was created by uploading skating videos and pranks.

However, this is only one small portion of his current fame. Continue reading to learn more about the YouTuber.

Quick Bio
Full Name:Danny Duncan
You Tube Name:Danny Duncan
Date of Birth:27th of July 1992
Place of Birth:Englewood, Florida
Height:5 ft and 10 inches (1.78m)
Parent:Susan Duncan
Wife / Gf:N/A
Net Worth:Over 8 million dollars

Biography & Early Life

Danny Duncan is a vlogger who utilizes the streaming video platform YouTube to share his online adventures. The YouTube video-maker was born Daniel Duncan on the 27th of July 1992. Daniel Duncan was born in Englewood, Florida, and that’s where his home was during his childhood.

However, he lives currently in Los Angeles, California. Danny is one of two children his parents had before they were divorced. Danny lived with his sister, mother, and Kathy and has a half-brother named Matthew.

In his high school years, Danny Duncan went to Lemon Bay High School; during his time there, he played on the team’s baseball team and played track, though Danny Duncan was more adept at the latter.

In the video clips he uploads to his YouTube channel, he shows the athleticism he’s developed through playing two sports.

Danny completed his studies at Lemon Bay in 2010. After graduating from high school, he went on to work for Walgreens but was deeply unhappy with his situation, so Danny decided to leave Walgreens.


Danny Duncan had always been engaged in skating. As a result of that, he became acquainted with professional skaters. He was known to offer advice on stretching techniques for skaters and exercises to reduce ankle injuries.

A friend who was a professional actor turned professional advised him to try acting. He said that the most efficient way to secure film roles in the present is by having a large following and fan base. Duncan thought he would like to grow his fan base through YouTube.

In 2014, just four years after graduating from high school, Duncan created his YouTube channel. He uploaded the first video on the 3rd of July in the same year.

It was a skating clip. But, in 2016, he began making prank videos and funny content, which led him to his fame.

One of the videos he has performed well include Falling with 30000 penny coins, which was uploaded in 2016; the video has more than 30 million views as of today.

Some of his other videos include Going Down Stairs on a hoverboard! A Security Guard Prank at UCLA and Shopping with Danny Duncan 4. Shopping by Danny Duncan, He boasts of over five million YouTube viewers, making him among the most popular YouTubers on YouTube.

It’s not uncommon to see Danny involve relatives of the family members in his jokes. His joke to drive his sibling’s vehicle through a pond and then decide to purchase her a new car is among his most popular videos with the highest views.

He is known for the authenticity of his pranks and how natural they appear due to the originality of their pranks. He has gained the trust of his people around the world.

However, he’s been in trouble with the police for a few footages he has posted, despite taking strict adherence to the legal consequences of every one of his fake pranks.

This YouTuber has shared his desire to be an actor, which is why he decided to move into Los Angeles. To Danny Duncan, comedies are the best films of all time.

Danny Duncan wants to make and appear in films that viewers keep coming back to watch due to how they’re funny.

In addition to sharing his video clips on YouTube, Danny Duncan is also an entrepreneur who owns a clothing brand.

The actor-aspiration launched the clothing brand in the year 2019 by collaborating in collaboration with Killer Merch – a recognized firm that manages operations for many American famous actors. The line of clothing is available at Zumiez.

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How Much Does Danny Duncan Make On YouTube?

The rate at which YouTube users make money is based on the number of views they earn for their content. The more views you get on your video, the more cash you make as advertisements are displayed on your videos. And as more viewers see your advertisements, the creator of the video earns more.

Danny Duncan gets at least 500k views per day from his three million+ followers, which views means he earns a minimum of $2,000 on a per-day basis.

It is interesting to note that YouTube isn’t his sole source of income. Danny Duncan has also started to get parts in TV and film shows.

Additionally, the sales of his merchandise that include hoodies, shirts, and bags with humorous quotes from him is another lucrative way that is lucrative source of income for Danny Duncan.


The most viewed aspect associated with Danny Duncan is his house located in Los Angeles, California, the USA, valued at over $3.5 million as of 2019. The house is situated in the prestigious Beverly Grove in a neighborhood near West Hollywood.


Danny Duncan is single and is not married.

Social media handles

His prank videos have always received massive reception from people who enjoy entertainment on YouTube. At present, his YouTube channel is home to over 5.73 million users.

In addition, his videos get lots of viewers, with millions of people who are regularly watching his videos. He’s also well-known on Instagram with 2.8 million users.

Danny Duncan body size / Height

Danny Duncan’s height is about 5 ft and 10 inches (1.78m). The weight of his body is around 57 kg (125.66 kilograms).

Danny Duncan is doing quite very well. He went from being an employee at Walgreens to becoming one of the most popular YouTubers worldwide.

Duncan is determined to be successful in the field he loves. He dreams of becoming an actor and views YouTube to propel his professional career in the proper direction.

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