Chijioke Dozie Net worth, Biography, Early Life, Wiki, Education, Career, and Marriage

Chijioke Dozie Net worth

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Chijioke Dozie is the co-founder and CEO at Carbon, a digital bank that renders exceptional bank services to its users. Formally it was One credit to Onefinance (oneFi), Pay later, and now carbon.

OneFi is a fintech company focused on democratizing access to finance through lending. Well, let’s dive into the entire biography history of Chijioke Dozie.

Full Name: Chijioke Dozie
Date Of Birth:April 1979
Native:Egbu Owerri North, Imo State.
Parents:Chief and Mrs. Pascal Dozie
Wife:Mrs. Ifunaya Dozie
Languages:English, Spanish
Organization:Co-founder and CEO at Carbon
Occupation:Investment Analyst, Economist, Financial Analyst, and entrepreneur
Hobbies:travelling, reading
Favourite city:Singapore, Nairobi, and Lagos
Favourite food:Fried plantain
Favourite colour:Black
Net worth:Over 50 million dollars

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Biography, Early Life, and Wiki 

Chijioke Dozie was born as the last child out of five boys in April 1979. Chijikoe Dozie spent his formative years in Nigeria before moving to the UK at 11 with his immediate elder brother. He hails from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Chijioke studied Economics which built his finance knowledge. He wasn’t too lucky in securing a job at first. He searched for close to a year after his master’s without getting one.

He decided to learn the Spanish Language at that time, a friend got him a job in Paris, but the condition was way not convenient to him.

Luckily, on a day he attended a party with his friends, his employer called him up for a job offer. Chijioke Dozie focused on emerging markets Investing in Zephyr Management and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Well, being the CEO of a leading fintech company in Nigeria remains a great bonus. He got his inspiration while working in New York.

At that time, Chijioke was about 24years while his employer and CEO of the company was around 32years. His employer’s success and achievement stories inspired him to start up something similar for himself.

Chijioke teamed up with his elder brother Ngozi Dozie to achieve the great success of Carbon, Pay later, oneFi and One credit as were formally called.


Chijioke Dozie did his primary education in Nigeria before moving to the UK, where he attended boarding school. He bagged his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of East Anglia from 1997 to 1999.

He did his master’s in finance from the University of Reading from 1999 to 2000. He also bagged his master’s degree in business administration from Harvard business school from 2006 to 2008.


Chijioke Dozie previously worked with Zephyr Management LP in the US and South Africa as an Investment Associate.

He also worked as an Investment Analyst at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), responsible for sourcing investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. During his working experience, he was inspired to initiate a funding platform to help distressed companies and businesses in Africa alongside his brother.

This platform they called Kaizen Venture Partners. They started raising funds traditionally from families, friends, relations, etc.

They also secured investment from IFC to keep on the funding. Chijioke Dozie, alongside his brother’s invested in so many businesses, of which One credit was one of them.

After working for several portfolio businesses for years, Chijioke Dozie, alongside his brother, noticed a gap in the market. This gap was a lack of essential services for commercial banks in Nigeria.

Due to obsolete credit reporting infrastructure, commercial banks were uncertain about offering consumer loans, and governments policies made it unlikely to change.

The two brothers took the chance to leverage a technology used by fintech companies to collect data, mine it, and invent a platform to perform credit checks on users. This they called One credit.

When Chijioke was running Mr. Biggs, a lot of cash was gathered, which he invested to start-up Carbon in 2012, intending to engage financial services.

He also got a bank loan to support the platform; at this point, it was named One credit. One credit grew to some point that a license is needed to continue. Before CBN rules of not giving license to an existing company, he changed one credit to Onefinance to secure a CBN license.

Later in 2015, there was a need to help pay for customers using e-commerce through platforms like Julia and Konga. That was when Onefinance was changed to Pay later. Well, the two brothers weren’t relenting at all; more significant goals were needed to be achieved.

Pay later was doing tremendously well in e-commerce, needs for adding services like savings, transactions, funds transfer, wallet, etc., came up. Pay later doesn’t reflect well, then it was changed to carbon, from the fact that carbon is everywhere.

Chijioke and his brother continuously grew One credit to Onefinance to Pay later and now carbon. The two brothers went about building a mobile-first system that could qualify or disqualify users for a loan, using information from their spending history, income level, and other criteria.

From the records today, carbon lends to thousands of consumers and SMEs, ranging from $3 and $2600 for consumers and close to $50k for SMEs. Their customer range is open to all; get your carbon account Here.

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Chijioke Dozie the son of Chief Pascal Dozie got married to his wife Mrs Ifunaya Dozie in 2018.

Chijioke Dozie Net worth

Chijioke Dozie is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO of one leading digital bank in Nigeria known as carbon.

Chijioke Dozie net worth is estimated to be over 50 million dollars from the company’s reports and records.

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  1. Good day Chijioke,
    I love the brand, the vision and the goals of the Carban.
    I would love to partner with your company. I have unique love for the Dozies, having worked with Diamond for eight years+.
    I worked as Sme banker and loan recovery officer in DB. And will like to continue my career in digital banking.

    I await a favourable feedback sir.

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