Cassidy Net worth

Cassidy Net Worth

This article portrays Cassidy Net Worth, Biography, early life, professional career, personal life, body measurements, achievements, and awards. 

Cassidy Net Worth

Cassidy has earned a handsome sum of around $1 million in 2021. Apart from music, he’s also making a substantial amount from endorsement contracts.

Cassidy has signed an endorsement agreement in 2012 with Trojan for 2012 and was the model for Lot 29’s clothing collection.

Biography Of Cassidy

Barry Adrian Reese, popularly known as Cassidy, is a hip-hop musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cassidy net worth began to increase when he started his career in music with his single “Hotel,” which featured R. Kelly on November 29, 2003. The single reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. 

On March 16, 2004, Cassidy’s Split Personality first studio album was released. It was certified gold within the first month.

On June 28, 2005, Cassidy dropped his sophomore studio album I’m A Hustla which debuted at the rank of 5 according to the U.S. Billboard 200, with 93,000 copies sold within just the beginning of his week. All of this contributed to Cassidy’s fortune. 

On November 6, 2007, The third studio album B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story was released and was ranked at the top of the Billboard 200, with 63,000 copies sold within its first seven days.

On November 16, 2010, Cassidy’s fourth studio album, C.A.S.H. (Cass The Straight Hustla), sold around 5,200 copies in the first week. May 21, 2012, Cassidy held a launch party to celebrate his release of the mixtape Mayhem Music.

In July of 2012, the mixtape was released Mayhem Music: AP3. On January 6, 2013, Cassidy released a 10-minute diss response entitled “Raid” towards Meek.

Profile Summary of Cassidy

Full Name:Barry Adrian Reese
Date of Birth:July 7, 1982
Place of Birth:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height:5’9 inches
Occupation:Musician & Rapper
Net Worth:Over 1 million dollars

Early Life

Barry Adrian Reese, known as Cassidy, was born on July 7, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. His mother hails to East Africa.

He’s been interested in Rapping since the time of his birth. He began the career of a fight rapper in the 90s when he grew older and settled into more traditional hip-hop.

Professional Career 

Cassidy started competing in hip-hop battles during the latter half of the 1990s. Then, he moved to hip-hop as a genre at the beginning of 2000.

He was signed in 2002. Full Surface, Swizz Beatz’s label under J Records, and Ruff Ryders Entertainment. He released his debut album as a studio artist, “Split Personality,” released on March 16, 2004.

The certified Gold album featured two singles, “Hotel” (featuring R. Kelly) and “Get No Better” (featuring Mashonda). 

The album ranked 2nd in the “Billboard” 200 charts and #1 on the chart of Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Cassidy dropped “I’m a Hustla” his Platinum track “I’m a Hustla” in March 2005. 

He followed it with an album with the same title in June. It climbed to #2 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop albums and Top Rap Albums charts.

He paused his music to go to prison and heal from a car crash, after which he dropped his third studio album, “B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story,” in November 2007. The album reached 2nd on the Top Rap Albums chart and 3rd on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

It also featured two singles, “My Drink n My 2 Step” (featuring Swizz Beatz) as well as “Innocent Man (Misunderstood),” that featured Mark Morrison.

Cassidy has signed with Kross Over Entertainment, Carmelo Anthony’s record label in 2009, and released “Apply Pressure,” his “Apply Pressure” mixtape series while making his album for his fourth.

The following year, he dropped his single “Face 2 Face,” and the album “C.A.S.H. (Cass a Straight Hustla)” as well as was featured in tracks from D.J. Absolut (“If You Love Me”) and Prince Negaafellaga (“En Off Shore”).

Cassidy and rapper Meek Mill started the “Twitter beef” in 2012, and both claimed they were going to fight to win $100,000. 

The track by Cassidy, “The Diary of a Hustla,” was believed to be a diss track for Meek Mill; however, 

Cassidy did not deny this, and later, after Meek was adamant about Cassidy’s track “Condom Style” (a remake of “Gangnam Style” that earned the rapper an endorsement agreement together with Trojan), Cassidy fired back with “Me, Myself & iPhone.”

The two followed that with two more songs dissing Meek Mill’s “Repo” and Cassidy’s “Raid.” 

The year 2013 was the time that Cassidy dropped his mixtape “Don’t Trust Anyone” and then followed it up with a few tracks like “Da BARbarian” (2016) and “Numbers” (2019), after which he released “Da Science,” his 5th album “Da Science,” in the year 2020.

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Personal Life 

On April 15, Cassidy and two men were seen to be possessing an AK-47 and pistols and shot at three men in a heated argument at a bar in Northwest Philadelphia.

One of them, Desmond Hawkins, died after being shot in the back, and his two companions were treated in a hospital for wounds from gunshots. 

An arrest warrant for Cassidy was issued on June 9, and the charges were listed as attempted murder, killing, aggravated assault, guns possession, reckless risk, and conspiracy.

He surrendered on June 17, was refused bail at the hearing, and was transferred to the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility. Cassidy did not consent to a jury trial and was found guilty of involuntary murder and possession of a weapon and two charges of aggravated assault on January 25, 2006.

He was sentenced to between 11 and 23 months in prison (and was given credit for seven months served) and probation. Cassidy got released on the 2nd in 2006 and spoke about his experience in the documentary “Rhyme and Punishment.”

In October of 2006, Cassidy suffered severe injuries in a car crash after a commercial truck struck the vehicle he was riding in. The hospital where he was treated included the Jersey City Medical Center for fractured skulls and fractured bones on his face.

After the incident, Cassidy has said, “I was in a coma for about seven or eight days…and then they put me into a medicated coma so that if I woke up, I wouldn’t be traumatized by what I went through.

When I first woke up from my coma, I had amnesia, so I couldn’t remember everything. The doctor told me that I suffered brain damage, but it was temporary.”

Body Measurement

Cassidy is an average-sized man. He is 5’9 inches. He weighs 70 kilograms.

Achievements and Awards

In 2004, Cassidy’s single hold of the ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100’s top 10.’

His album, titled ‘I’m a Hustla,’ also earned him first place on Billboard’s top 100 list.

Another song by Cassidy called ‘My Drink and My 2 Step’ received 10 10 spots on the Billboard 200.


How old is Cassidy the rapper?

Barry Adrian Reese, known as Cassidy, was born on July 7, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Was Cassidy in a car accident?

In October of 2006, Cassidy suffered severe injuries in a car crash after a commercial truck struck the vehicle he was riding in.

The hospital where he was treated included the Jersey City Medical Center for fractured skulls and fractured bones on his face.

What happens to Cassidy?

On the 25th of January in the year 2006, Cassidy received a conviction for involuntary murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and possession of a weapon due to his involvement during the shootout. 

The jury sentenced him to between 11 and 23 months in prison, plus time on probation, and he was awarded the seven months he had already served.

What happened to Cassidy’s face?

His life was placed in danger, and he was almost lost again when he was in a horrendous car crash in October of 2006. He was heading to the studio and was traveling with his friends. 

Cassidy wasn’t the only person seriously injured. He has an injury to his left eye, which goes up to the top part of his skull.

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