Bosun Tijani Net Worth, Biography, Early life and Wiki, Education, Career and Marriage

Bosun Tijani Net Worth

This article portrays full details of Bosun Tijani net worth: Biography, Early Life, and Wiki, Education, Career, and Marriage.

Bosun Tijani is the co-founder and CEO of Co-creation Hub, an innovation center that helps with acceleration for startups. He is an innovation expert, a British Nigerian Entrepreneur, and a researcher whose passion for creation and innovation lead to his success story.

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Full name:Olatunbosun Tijan
Born:20th July 1977
Place of birth:Ogun State, Nigeria
Native:Ogun State, Nigeria
Nationality:British, Nigeria
Marital status:Married to Moji Tijani
Languages:English, Yoruba
Organization:Co-creation Hub
Net worth:over 5 million dollar

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Biography, Early Life, and Wiki 

Bosun Tijani was born on 20th July 1977 in Ogun state, Nigeria. He grew up with his parents and siblings in Nigeria, attending his primary and secondary education also in Nigeria. He was formally named Olatunbosun Tijani but briefly called Bosun Tijani.

Bosun natively hails from Ogun state Nigeria but resides in Leicester with his wife and children.


Bosun Tijani started his education in Nigeria, obtaining his first school leaving and O’level in Nigeria. He obtained a diploma in computer science and secured his Bachelor of sciences degree in Economics from the University of Jos.

He also obtained a Master’s degree in Information systems and management from the Warwick Business School Coventry, England. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. program at the University of Leicester.


Bosun Tijani has had a passion for creation and innovation right from childhood. He previously worked with the International Trade Centre, where he led the development and deployment of a web-marketing and their information services program in Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, from March to September 2006.

He also worked at Hewlett Packard, where he managed the deployment of the ODep learning center at the Africa Virtual University in Kenya. He joined in completing Hp, IEEE, and telecentre in the University of Ibadan Nigeria.

Bosun Tijani’s passion for creating innovation for accelerating startups made him deploy HP Micro-enterprise at Lagos Business School to accelerate program learning in society. After working for some years with Hewlett Packard, he moved to Pera Innovation Network.

He remained a hardworking and consistent staff in PERA, leading the coordination of innovation agencies across Europe as European Innovation Manager.

Bosun Tijani co-founded Co-creation Hub, also known as CcHUB, alongside his friends committed to the innovation field. Co-creation Hub is Nigeria’s social innovation center which helps in accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity.

CcHUB came into existence as a result of Bosun Tijani’s keen interest in knowledge application for economic and enterprise competitiveness.

From the success story of Co-creation Hub, Bosun Tijani, the chief executive officer, led social technology projects around Nigeria.

Today, Co-creation Hub uses technology in producing initiatives and businesses that have influenced our physical environment, fiscal transparency, healthcare, e-commerce, education, transportation, and wellness of the society.

Alongside Co-creation Hub, Bosun Tijani is also the CEO and founder of Truppr. This emerging African fitness brand uses technology to connect users to fitness events worldwide. Bosun Tijani is also a partner at Growth Capital, a high-tech Nigeria’s first social innovation fund for high potential for early-stage businesses.

Bosun Tijani’s success and innovation story prompted the visit of Mark Zuckerberg on his first-ever visit to Sub-Saharan Africa to the Co-creation Hub.

Currently, his success and innovation story is celebrated throughout Nigeria.


Bosun Tijani, the CEO, and Co-founder of Co-creation Hub and the founder and CEO at Truppr is married to Moji Tijani. Their union was blessed with two children.

Bosun Tijani Net Worth

Bosun Tijani is a successful Entrepreneur, not just the CEO of two organizations but also an innovation expert. From records, Bosun Tijani Net Worth is estimated to have over 5 million dollars.

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