Bob Baffert Net worth

Bob Baffert Net Worth

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Who is Bob Baffert

Robert A. Baffert, a Native American horse trainer from North Gallis, Arizona, is sometimes referred to as Bob Baffert. Buffett is considered to be one of the top trainers in the time of American horse racing. 

He was an advisor to the American Pharaoh as well as his name was on the Justice Cake. Former Triple Crown Champion (Kentucky Derby, Frick Pitts, Belmont Pitts) also holds the record for the most Kentucky Derby wins (7 games).

He was born on 13th January 1953. Buffett was raised on the farm of his parents in Arizona.

Buffett began his professional career in equestrian education when he was a teenager. After moving to Southern California, he started his professional training career studying Zoology at the University of Arizona, buying his first thoroughbred horse in Thirty Slews in 1998. Thirty Slews won the Stallioners Cup in 1992.

Bob Baffert Personal Summary

Full Name:Robert A. Baffert
Nickname:Bob Baffert
Date of Birth:13th January 1953
Place of Birth:Nogales, Arizona, United States
Height: 5 Foot 7 Inches
Parent:Bill & Ellie Baffert
Occupation:Native American horse trainer
Net worth:Over 5 million dollars

Biography & Early life

On 13th January 1953 Bob Baffert was born in the home of Bill Baffert Sr; and his wife, Ellie. The couple is from Nogales, Arizona, located in the United States. 

His family was on a ranch, where they raised animals. Bob Baffert’s father purchased some Quarter Horses when; Bob Baffert was ten years old, and he would race the horses around the farm on the dirt track.

Bob Baffert had been presented with the most impressive performance and excellent Marks from his childhood days.

At the age of 16, Bob Baffert enrolled in High School. After high school, Bob Baffert completed education in Bachelor degree from the public U.S. State University.


While still at the school, Bob Baffert was employed as a jockey. Bob Baffert was paid $100 each day for local Quarter Horse races.

Bob Baffert won his first official race at a legally-licensed track when he was 17 years old. 

When Bob Baffert graduated from college, he began working with Quarter Horses.

He was just 20 years old when he had earned the reputation of a top trainer. When his name became established, he began to train horses for trainers of other trainers.

Bob Baffert relocated to California during the 80s to work for Los Alamitos Race Course. At this point, when he began his training of Thoroughbreds. 

The year 1997 was the same Bob Baffert trained the horses who won two races: the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. Bob Baffert was the only trainer that won the two races in succession.

In the U.S., if a horse can win in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes, it is also known as”the Triple Crown. After being close in 1997 and 1998, Bob Baffert again came close in 2001. 

His horse was able to win the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. In 2002, his horse took home the Derby and the Preakness. He came close so often, yet not quite.

Bob Baffert came close in 2012 and 2010; however, it wasn’t until 2015 when American Pharaoh, who Bob Baffert trained, was the Triple Crown winner.

 It was more than 37 years from the last Triple Crown winner. Through his entire horse-training career, Bob Baffert has won the Kentucky Derby five times and was a top-three finisher in 11 races and for the Preakness Stakes six times, and he’s been crowned the winner of the Belmont Stakes twice, with five top three places. 

The year 1999 was the first time Bob Baffert published his biography, titled Bob Baffert, Dirt Road to the Derby.

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Awards And Honors

Bob Baffert has been awarded numerous prizes and honors. He has been granted American Champion 17 times in different categories. 

He has been awarded the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer four times. He was admitted into the U.S. Racing Hall of Fame in 2009.


Bob Baffert’s first spouse was Sherry, and The pair had four children.

After the divorce of Sherry, Bob Baffert got married to Jill Moss in 2002. Moss was a T.V. reporter. The couple has a son.

Charity Works

Bob Baffert is a patron of numerous charities focused explicitly on racing. For instance, the Thoroughbred Aftercare AllianceOld Friends Equine, and the Permanently disabled Jockey’s Fund have all received substantial contributions and other charitable organizations.

Bob Baffert Net Worth

Due to the massive fan following through Social Media, Bob Baffert generates substantial cash from these.

Total Bob Baffert Net Worth in 2021 – $1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)

Bob Baffert Body Measurement

Bob Baffert Height – 5 Foot 7 Inches

Bob Baffert Weight – 66 KG

Bob Baffert has its unique body shape and style, with excellent Body measurements and height. Bob Baffert has a healthy body weight in line with his height.

Bob Baffert Social Media

Bob Baffert successfully achieves enormous attention and massive social media followers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with thousands of loyal followers.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Bob Baffert still married?

Baffert is the father of five children, four of whom he shares with his first wife, Sherry: Taylor, Canyon, Forest, and Savannah. Jill, a former television reporter, residing in Louisville, was his second wife when he married her in 2002.

What nationality is Bob Baffert?

Robert A. Baffert, better known as Bob Baffert, was an American Thoroughbred racehorse trainer who was one of the most outstanding in the sport’s history. He was born in Nogales, Arizona, on 13th January 1953.

How many Triple Crown winners has Bob Baffert had?

A total of 16 wins

Baffert has won 16 Triple Crown races, including six Kentucky Derbys, seven Preakness, and three Belmonts.

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