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Bo Burnham Net worth

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Robert Pickering ‘Bo’ Burnham is an American comedian and musician and a singer-songwriter, actor, and rapper who gained fame via YouTube and became a celebrity in the eyes of the audiences.

He made the first YouTube video by accident without any real intention of making it famous in 2006, and it quickly became a viral hit. The total views of his YouTube videos have reached 520 million.

Comedy Central signed him in 2008 with a four-year contract to produce four comedy EPs with musical themes. Bo released his first album as a studio artist the following year, and the public loved it.

He continued with his comedy and musical projects and gained fame at a young age. Alongside comedy and music, Bo has been into acting and has been an actor in several TV and film shows.

Bo Burnham is one of the very few modern-day stars who began small with small videos made by hand but eventually became large. Bo performs stand-ups and manages his YouTube channel in his spare time by regularly uploading hilarious satires and funny videos.

Quick Bio
Full Name:Robert Pickering Burnham
Stage Name:Bo Burnham
Date Of Birth:21st August 1990
Born Country:United States
Born In:Hamilton, Massachusetts, United States
Famous As:Comedian
Height:6’5″ (196 cm), 6’5″ Males
Parent:Scott & Patricia Burnham
Occupation:Comedian, Musician, Actor and Rapper
Net Worth:Over $5 million

Early life and wiki

Bo Burnham was born in Massachusetts, USA, on 21st August 1990. He was the son of an owner of a construction company, Scott, and a nurse, Patricia.

He is the youngest of three children of the Burnham family and thus the most lavishly treated from the beginning of his childhood, studied at the all-boys St. John Preparatory school in his hometown, and there Bo was on the school’s honour roll.

Bo had a talent for acting, particularly comedy, from his childhood. He recorded videos of himself impersonating his relatives on an old camera.

While in school, he was engaged in theatre and was recognized to be the best actor in the school even with no formal training.

Bo started doing skits around the age of three before his family. As his parents were big admirers of stand-up comedians like Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Bo idolized them.

In high school, Bo was known to entertain peers by writing his own songs about social and political satire as well as, upon their requests that he began making videos and uploading them to YouTube as it was an emerging platform back in times.


Bo Burnham’s professional career started at the end of 2006 when Bo Burnham created videos of himself singing two songs that he uploaded on YouTube to show his family.

The videos, however, were seen by his family and into the eyes of the general public and soon gained attraction through YouTube, and other websites.

With his guitar or digital piano, Burnham endured launching self-described “pubescent musical comedy” songs and online movies as his audience increased.

Bo Burnham composed and released songs about the power of white supremacy, Helen Keller’s disability, gay rights, and many other issues.

All of Burnham’s home-released films were self-recorded around his home house in Hamilton, Massachusetts, most in his bedroom. They also included an explicit “do-it-yourself” nearly like voyeurism.

Bo Burnham recorded an overall performance in London for Comedy Central’s The World Stands Up in January 2008 (aired 30th June), making him the youngest actor to perform at the age of 18 and also signed a four-record contract for four years with Comedy Central Records.

Comedy Central Records launched Burnham’s debut EP with the six-song Bo fo Sho, as an album that was only available on the internet on 17th June 2008.

The first album he released was self-titled ‘Bo Burnham,’ which was once released on 10th March 2009.

He wrote the book Egghead, or You’ll Not Stay Alive in Ideas Alone in 2013. Bo Burnham’s Inside (a new comedy series that was released on 30th May 2021) was recently aired on Netflix and is what people are talking about.

Personal Life

Bo Burnham is single, and his past relationships are not well-known. In light of the fact that he has frequently been a vocal supporter of homosexuality in his television shows, there are rumours about whether he is homosexual.

Bo was always fascinated by Experimental Theatre and even pursued an acting career during his time at the New York’s Tisch School of Arts but quit a year later in order to pursue a full-time profession in the field of comedy.

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Bo Burnham Net worth

A multi-gifted American born and raised, Bo Burnham Net worth is estimated to be over $5 million from his YouTube channel and his songs from his record label.


Bo Burnham is a multi-award-winning actor. He was nominated for the major Edinburgh Comedy Award at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

He was awarded the panel award of Edinburgh Comedy Awards and the Malcolm Hardee “Act Most Likely to Make a Million Quid” Award.

His film from 2018 Eighth Grade got him several nominations and awards in his work as a writer and film director.

Social Media

Bo Burnham is on Instagram @boburnham, with 1.7 million followers. On YouTube, Bo Burnham is more popular than 2.93 million subscribers and more than 520 million viewers in his YouTube channel called ‘boburnham.’

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