Bella Shmurda, a young Nigerian singer and composer, is one of the singers who achieve success quickly. Bella Shmurda net worth is calculated to be around $340,000 (N170 million).

He is signed to “YBNL Record,” a label owned by the seasoned performer Olamide, which is used to calculate Bella Shmurda’s net worth.

Let’s get started; there is no denying Bella Shmurda’s limitless musical genius. He may be a young man, but his talent knows no bounds, and he enjoys tremendous not only in Nigeria but throughout the rest of West Africa.

The estimated value of Bella Shmurda’s net worth is $500,000. He is a member of the label “YBNL Record,” which is run by seasoned performer Olamide.

The primary goal of this article is to calculate Bella Shmurda’s earnings from the Nigerian music industry to estimate his net worth.

Let’s examine Bella Shmurda’s estimated net worth in 2023.

Net worth: $500,000

Source of Income: Music

Bella Shmurda Biography and Net Worth

 Let’s first take a look at Bella Shmurda’s biography and way of life before delving into his net worth.

The veteran singer, Akinbyi Abiola Ahmed, better known by her stage name Bella Shmurda, was born and reared in Lagos on January 27, 1997.

Bella Shmurda is currently one of the brightest rising artists in the Nigerian music scene. He gained notoriety with his tune “Vision 2021,” which Olamide later remixed.

He quickly became famous and successful thanks to the song. Following his fame, he was signed to the “YBNL” label, which is owned by the professional singer Olamide.

Bella Shmurda is one of the most educated musicians working in Nigeria. Any online source claimed to have information that he is a graduate of Lagos State University.

As previously stated, the primary purpose of this article is to estimate Bella Shmurda’s net worth, therefore let’s skip over his life story.

 So let’s discuss Bella Shmurda’s earnings.

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Bella Shmurda Income from streams

Bella Shmurda receives payment whenever someone streams his music, which is one of the main ways he generates his income. Thus, we must know how much he earned from all of the streams he receives to determine his net worth.

Based on the observation, Bella Shmurda has over 100 million streams across all streaming platforms, with each stream receiving an average payment of $0.003.

Therefore, if we do the arithmetic, 100 million streams will provide an estimated $300,000 in revenue.

Oh, that’s a lot.

Let’s check the amount that Bella Shmurda earned from the concerts and events that he participated in now that we are aware of his revenue from the streams that he receives.

Bella Shmurda Income from Shows

We all know that this is an additional way for many celebrities to generate money; if a star is asked to perform live, he is compensated for it. Therefore, we need to know how much he has earned so far from his endorsement deals to calculate his total net worth.

According to online magazines, the price to hire a YBNL member for a gig or other event can range from $8,000 to $16,000 depending on the circumstances.

Bella Shmurda performs five gigs annually on average, which means he earns an estimated $40,000 from performances per year.

The second concern is if Bella Shmurda has a way of earning money. The answer is no, and the reason for this is that he receives no income from YouTube and has never signed any endorsement contracts.

Keep in mind that because he is a “YBNL record” artist, the label receives all of the revenue from his music video instead of the artist.

So now that he is aware of his earnings on both sides, it is appropriate to conclude this article by providing Bella Shmurda’s net worth.

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Bella Shmurda Net worth

Bella Shmurda’s net worth is reported to be over $340,000 (N170 million), and he is a signed artist to the label “YBNL Record,” which is owned by the seasoned performer Olamide.

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