Azealia Banks Net Worth (Everything You Need To Know in 2023)

Azealia Banks Net Worth

This article gives us an inside view regarding the details of Azealia banks Net worth: biography, early life, career, personal life, age, physical appearance (height and weight) and social media handles.

Who is Azealia Banks?

She was raised in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City and rose to prominence in the American music industry.

Azealia Amanda Banks is an American Singer, Rapper and Song Writer known to have started releasing her own records in the year 2008, making use of the platform Myspace.


Full Name:Azealia Amanda Banks
Nickname:Miss Bank$
Date of Birth:May 31st, 1991
Age:30 years (As of 2021)
Place of BirthHarlem, New York, United States
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Nationality:United States of America
Marital status:Single
Profession:American rapper, singer, songwriter,
record producer, and actress
Net worth:Over $4 million

Biography, and Early life

Born in a family of 3 in Harlem situated in New York City, Azealia Banks was raised by a single mother following their demise alongside her two other siblings. She happens to be the youngest.

Following the demise of her father, who died of pancreatic cancer when she was two years old, the experience of her home life never had a happy ending.

As she has repeatedly stated, she and her sister were subject to various forms of abuse from their mother, forcing her to flee away from home at the tender age of 14 to live with a close relative.

With her academic journey coming to an abrupt end, she decided to pursue her passion for Dancing, Singer, and songwriting as she couldn’t go further in college.

Luckily for her, the breakthrough eventually came on November 9th 2008, after she released her debut single “gimme a chance”, followed by her self produced track titled “seventeen”. Her rise to prominence continued afterwards.


After failing auditions with TBS, law and order, and Nickelodeon while pursuing a career in acting, she rose to prominence in the musical industry at the age of 16 after releasing her debut album “gimme a chance,” followed by yet another release, “seventeen.”

That same year of coming into the limelight, she signed a developmental contract with XL recording after a famous American DJ aired her records, and the trend continued.

Launching yet another single titled “212” on December 6th in 2011 on her free to download website led to a huge turning point in her musical career. The song rose to the top of various charts in various world regions, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A decade later, in 2018, she signed her first multi-million dollar deal with music record label Entertainment One.
Ever since, she has released many of her singles and tracks and been featured on other musical artists’ projects.

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Personal Life

Azealia Banks is well known for getting involved in heated arguments and controversies, most especially on social media. She’s also widely known for her sexual identity, having earlier disclosed to be bisexual.

Widely known for her sexual orientation, she’s also known to be one of many advocates fighting for civil rights causes for African Americans.

Azealai Banks Net Worth

Aside from the streams of income and revenue flowing in from her musical career in general, she’s also got her acting career, which also boosts her earnings, not to mention her own YouTube channel.

In addition to that, she also anchors shows for brands and goes on her concert tour to promote her music, all of which fetch her a handful of income.

Azealai Banks Net Worth is estimated to be over 4 million dollars.

Social Media

As of writing this article, Azealia Banks doesn’t have an online presence yet on the social media platform Twitter. Her Facebook page, which has been active with a lot of engagement, was recently deleted for reasons best known to her.

The only social media platform on which she maintains her online presence is Instagram. She has currently amassed over 600k followers, where she shares events from her private and personal life with her fans and members of the public at large.

Frequently asked questions

How many awards and nominations has Azealia Banks Baggage received?

Even though she has been nominated for various awards, her wins aren’t that much to be celebrated. Major wins include Rober Awards Music in 2011, NME Award in 2012 and most notably for her work in the project “212.”

Does Azelia Banks have a boyfriend?

Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, she considers herself bisexual and, on most occasions, has openly come out to publicly criticize the false orientation members of the public have about bisexuals. Currently, she’s not in any relationships.

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