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Quick Bio 
Full Name Arthur Lee Eversole
Nickname Archie Eversole 
Date of Birth July 26, 1984
Place of Birth Germany, bred in Atlanta 
Nationality American 
Zodiac Sign Leo 
Genre Hip hop 
Height Feet – 6’0” , Centimeters – 182cm 
Occupation Rapper 
Net Worth $3 million 

Early Life and Biography

Archie Eversole was born in Germany while his military parents were stationed there. His parents would move to College Park, Georgia, where he was raised.

He developed a deep passion for music at an early age. He was born on July 26, 1984, and his real name was Arthur Lee Eversole.

Eversole absorbed influences from the rich hip-hop culture of the city while growing up in Atlanta’s vibrant and diverse music scene.

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While information about Archie Eversole’s parents is relatively scarce, it is evident that they influenced his early life.

They provided him with support and encouragement to pursue his musical aspirations, which ultimately led to his success in the industry.

Career Success and Establishment

Archie Eversole’s journey in the music industry began in the late 1990s when he caught the attention of record producers with his exceptional talent.

He signed with the record label MCA Records, and in 2002, he released his debut album titled “Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style.”

The album gained significant recognition and spawned the hit single “We Ready,” which quickly became an anthem for sports teams and fans nationwide.

With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, “We Ready” propelled Eversole into the spotlight and solidified his position as a rising star in the rap scene.

The song’s success helped him garner a loyal fan base and opened doors for collaborations with renowned artists in the industry, such as Baby D, Pastor Troy, and Lil Jon. 

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Rise in Fame

Following the success of his debut album, Archie Eversole continued to make waves in the music industry.

He worked tirelessly on his craft, releasing several singles and collaborating with notable artists such as Bubba Sparxxx and Lil Jon.

His unique blend of Southern rap and catchy hooks resonated with audiences, earning him a reputation as an Atlanta rap pioneer.

Despite his growing fame, Eversole remained grounded and focused on creating authentic music that reflected his experiences and showcased his lyrical prowess.

His ability to tell compelling stories through his songs resonated with listeners and contributed to his continued success in the industry.


In a tragic incident on March 25, 2022, authorities discovered Eversole at a Decatur gas station, afflicted with a harrowing gunshot wound to his face.

Startled awake by an intruder who violated the sanctity of his bedroom, he bravely fought for his life but succumbed to his injuries at age 37 on April 3. 

Notably, his brother, Alexander Krause, was taken into custody at Eversole’s residence when diligent officers observed telltale bloodstains on his socks, leading to a charge of murder.

The untimely passing of Eversole has left an indelible void in the vibrant Atlanta rap scene, forever etching his artistic contributions into the annals of the genre.


Archie Eversole was a private individual regarding his personal life, and information regarding his reknackships is scarce.

He preferred to keep his affairs out of the public eye, focusing primarily on his music career. It is unclear whether he was involved in significant relationships or had children.

Net Worth

Archie Eversole achieved considerable success throughout his career and amassed a net worth of about $3 million before his death.

His earnings are believed to primarily stem from his album sales, collaborations, and performances. Eversole’s music continues to resonate with fans, and his songs are still enjoyed by many today.

His legacy as an influential Atlanta rapper lives on, and his impact on the music industry will always be remembered.

Social Media Handles 

  • Instagram – @archieeversole 
  •  Twitter – @archieeversole 

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Archie Eversole’s breakthrough hit?

Archie Eversole’s breakthrough hit was the single “We Ready,” released in 2002 and gained significant popularity.

How old was Archie Eversole when he passed away?

Archie Eversole passed away at age 37 on April 3, 2022.

Did Archie Eversole collaborate with other artists?

Yes, Archie Eversole collaborated with notable artists such as Bubba Sparxxx and Lil Jon.

What was Archie Eversole’s net worth?

It is estimated that the Atlanta-born rapper was worth a whopping $3 million before his death on April 3, 2022. 

What is Archie Eversole’s real name?

Archie Eversole’s real name was Arthur Lee Eversole. 

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