Adrien Broner Net Worth

Adrien Broner net worth

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Who is Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner is an American professional boxer recognized for his numerous accomplishments in his early years. He was nicknamed The Problem.

Broner has quite an impressive record as a professional. Of his 38 fights he’s taken on, he’s won 33 of them, losing just three times, while the other two were no contests and one draw.

He’s won world championships throughout his career at four different weight categories. He was the WBC Junior Lightweight Champion From 2011 to 2012. From 2012 until 2013, he was the holder of his WBC Lightweight Title.

He also won his WBC Welterweight Title, and from 2015 until 2016, he won with the WBA Leicht Welterweight title.

Broner has a remarkable talent set that makes him a formidable opponent. His quick right uppercut and strong left-hand shot have frequently knocked opponents off the mat.

He’s very combative in the Ring and is well-known for throwing numerous punches at his opponents.

Adrien Broner’s Profile Summary

Full Name:Adrien Broner
Nickname:The Problem
Date of Birth:28th of July, 1989
Place of Birth:Cincinnati, Ohio
Height:5 7 feet
Parent:Dorathy Broner & Thomas Knight
Net Worth:$9 million

Childhood & Early Life

On the 28th of July, 1989, Adrien Broner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Thomas Knight and Dorothy Broner.

When Broner was six years old, He was attracted to boxing. The sport was his passion and was only growing over time. His mother was very positive and thrilled that he channelled his competitive streak to the right place.

Interestingly, when children of the same age had been involved with criminal activities that were common at the time, Broner concentrated on boxing. Nowadays, he attributes boxing to keeping him away from criminal activities.


Adrien Broner had his debut as a professional boxer on the 31st of May, 2008. It was a genuinely ideal start for the young Broner, who recorded three consecutive knockouts in the first round against Allante Davis, David Warren Huffman, and Ramon Flores, respectively.

In his fourth bout with Terrance, Jett took a sixth-round decision. He finished the year by winning a no-contest decision over Eric Ricker.

His career grew in height during the following couple of years as Broner took on important matches with hard-hitting opponents. He faced the boxers Jose Alfredo Lugo, Eric Ricker, and Angel Rodriguez.

In December 2010, Broner had played Rafael Lora, Carlos Claudio, Guillermo Sanchez, and Ilido Julio and had won against everyone. He faced Tommy Atencio nearly 13 times through the entire year and stopped the latter in the first round six times.

Broner’s career skyrocketed following his bout with the former Super Bantamweight champion Daniel Ponce de Leon on the 5th of March 2011. The fight was close between the two tough fighters, proving to be more dominant over the other.

Although the game was decided to be in Broner’s favour, the final decision was challenged and turned out to be highly controversial.

After his controversial victory over Ponce de Leon, Broner’s next bout was a well-media-hyped one, against Top 10 Super Featherweight contender Jason Litzau on HBO’s ‘Boxing After Dark’ series.

In the very first round, Broner won the match after hitting several hard-hit punches at Litzau. Minnesotan.

Broner made headlines in November of 2011 when he fought Vicente Martin Rodriguez on HBO as part of a doubleheader. Broner beat Rodriguez comfortably through knockouts during the 3rd round, winning the unclaimed WBO Super Featherweight World title.

The WBO title brought Broner an overnight star. He was able to defend the WBO title in a match against Eloy Perez, a Top 10 Super Featherweight contender, in a fight in February of 2012 via knockout.

Following the win over Perez, Broner’s next fight was scheduled for July 2012 with Super Featherweight champion Vicente Escobedo. However, Broner was above 130 pounds during the weigh-in.

He was removed from his title. However, the fight was not called off, and Broner took the victory by the end of the fifth.

On the 12th of November, 2012, Broner began his career in the Lightweight division. He faced Antonio DeMarco, WBC Lightweight champion.

Most often referred to by the name of Ring No 1 in the Lightweight division, DeMarco was a world top player and a difficult opponent.

However, Broner’s powerful uppercuts and his quick and efficient combinations made DeMarco stunned. In the eighth round, Broner seamlessly not just won the fight and his second title in the world.

Broner was able to defend his title during a match against his former WBA champion Gavin Rees in February 2013. Rees did not have the same speed as his hooks and uppercuts. By round 3, the wrestler was slowly sagging.

In March of 2013, Broner made his debut in the welterweight division and fought one of the most powerful boxers, Paulie Malignaggi. She was also the WBA world champion in welterweight and Ring No. Ring No. 6.

A large number of fans watched the highly-publicized fight. Although Malignaggi began the battle frantically, by midway through, Broner found his ground and knocked him down. Champion with his powerful punches to take the title easily.

In October of 2013, Broner faced his first loss as a professional boxer fighting for his world title of welterweight. Although he was a favourite, Marcos Maidana was too strong for Broner immediately in the first round.

Although Broner tried to improve the ante, he could not take on Maidana’s punches and be left with his first loss in his life.

The year 2014 was when Broner began his journey in the professional light welterweight division with Carlos Molina. It was scheduled to last tenten rounds.

Broner was victorious in a unanimous decision. Broner’s next match came in the Ring against Emmanuel Taylor for the WBA International title. The fight lasted until the 12th round when Broner was declared the winner.

Broner made a return to welterweight boxing in the year 2015. His fight in his comeback was against the former IBF Welterweight champion Shawn Porter. Porter took the entire fight to the ground and ultimately won a unanimous verdict.

In October 2015, the fighter announced that he would be returning to lighter welterweight and dropped his weight down to 140 pounds.

Broner aimed to win the fourth world title with an opponent in his former WBA champion Khabib Allakhverdiev. Broner defeated Allakhverdiev with a TKO and won the WBA champion in the 12th round.

Broner’s most well-known fight of 2016 was when he fought the veteran fighter Ashley Theophane. Broner had a great time keeping the WBA lightweight title during the fight.

Broner ended the year returning to the welterweight division in the fight against Adrian Granados on Showtime Championship Boxing. Broner was victorious in a split 10-round decision, which was thought to be controversial.

He was reintroduced to light-welterweight to fight with WBC Champion of lightweights Mikey Garcia to win the title. But he was defeated in the bout in a unanimous decision, becoming his first loss at lightweight.

In 2017 Broner was a participant against Jessie Vargas, a former world champion in two weight classes in a catchweight fight of 144 pounds.

Both fighters fought to a 12-round majority draw. While Vargas won the first portion of the game, Broner quickly threw on his boots and took control of the second period.

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Major Works

Broner has won four world championships at four weight classes, demonstrating his boxer skill. Broner holds his title of WBC Junior Lightweight Champion and WBC Lightweight Champion, WBC Lightweight Title, WBC Welterweight Title, and the WBA light welterweight title.

Personal Life & Legacy

Adrien Broner is not into any relationship with a partner, and there is no information about his private life.

In October, Broner posted images and captions on social media platforms that suggested suicide.

Broner was arrested several times. The last time was on the 18th of February, 2018, when he was accused of sexual battery in violation of the law but released under bail.

Adrien Broner Body measurement

Broner has a physique of immense size. He is tall, of 5 7 feet. He weighs 147 pounds.

Adrien Broner Education

There is no information provided about Adrien’s educational background in depth because he hasn’t disclosed information to the public yet. However, the information is currently being reviewed to be revised shortly.

Adrien Broner Parents

Broner was the son of the parents Dorothy Broner and Thomas Knight on the 28th of July 1989. Broner grew up alongside his identical twin, who was known in the form of Andre Broner in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When he was still young, Adrien started boxing which helped him avoid a life in the streets by six years old.

Adrien Broner Net Worth

Broner has had a lengthy career in boxing that spans nearly two decades. Being a pro boxer, Broner has managed to build a modest fortune with the money he earned. The estimate is that he is an estimated net worth of $9 million.


How is Adrien Broner Broken?

Adrien is broken because of bad financial decisions, and a lack of discipline and other behaviours led to Broner losing a significant portion of his fortune.

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